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12/23/2017 c10 Aurora Moon
This chapter needs some formatting.. it was kind of hard to read it but I managed anyway.
10/11/2016 c9 tomsmith2
Like your rewrite so far. Love the divergence from cannon. Kind of refreshing without the teen angst of whether she finds out or not. Your Lionel seems a lot more brutal than cannon. I do not exactly see what motivates Lionel to beat the crap out of Lex at this point but this Lionel needs to meet a violent end quickly. Cannot wait until next chapter!
10/10/2016 c9 LadyAuroi
I like that Lionel's abuse is actually far more explicit here. I didn't like how in Smallville this kind of abuse was glossed over and were only shown in flashbacks when Lex was a small kid. This goes a long way to explain why Lex can be such a bastard himself at times, after all.
By going down this route, it becomes more reasonable that Lex Luthor wouldn't believe that Lionel Luthor was actually turning over a new leaf in the later seasons of Smallville. I wonder if you're going down that route or not. I really hope you aren't though... I hated the Redeemed Lionel Luthor story arc so much!

Not much to say about Lana's part here, I think I already said it all in my other review here.
10/5/2016 c8 Batman111893
Pleas update with Lana she truly is a sweetheart
10/5/2016 c8 LadyAuroi
Hi, it's AuroraMoon from Ksite. The new chapters were great so far, but I think chapter 8 needs some formatting. Lex and Clark's conversation kept on running together in a large paragraph with no way to separate them. which made that part hard to read. Just saying.

On the story itself-I think it's great that you set up Lana Lang to be his closest ally, and who were the first to know his secret. Just like in the comics. It always baffled me how they never did this in the TV show, despite the fact that this would actually give her a good reason to be in most scenes whenever something big was happening. Instead, they choose the most convoluted reasons possible to give her a sense of importance that was never there on the TV show.
4/25/2016 c1 13Jokermask18
Nice start! I like the show as is but this is pretty cool. My only suggestion is to try and incorperate Batman at some point. The showrunners tried for him after all.
3/24/2016 c1 Batman111893
Thank you this is already a great start and I love that you have chosen Lana to be there for him I just love he the way she she is she is smart independent responsible and deeply values life in every way possible
3/23/2016 c1 1CalebElBardo
An interesting idea. Have you thought of giving prominence to Raya ?. I always found a great partner for Clark.

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