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10/3/2022 c19 MonkiNikki
I'll admit I was hesitant to read this for a long time because I wasn't sure I'd like the whole two versions of one story angle, but it is so well written and so well thought out I've really enjoyed it! I just wish I knew what your vision for the ending of both versions was!
12/11/2021 c19 Guest
Is your life still beyond crazy bestie?
12/8/2021 c15 Guest
"Boxer braids" style gets colonized even in a fanfic omg
9/28/2021 c19 7Starco4everr
Please update more. It's been long
5/14/2021 c19 2C.Patton
you should write josh in to complicate things for maya and lucas in the first half and as a new outside path for maya in the second part that's separate from the core group
4/26/2021 c19 Guest
Pls update
4/27/2021 c19 2codswallop
I saw this had been updated this morning and got very excited, I love this story! But no new chapter?
6/23/2020 c21 12Marissa Davis
This story is so incredibly well written! You play both scenarios out so perfectly and realistically. I’m a diehard Lucas/Riley fan and Josh/Maya so I love the verse where Lucas chose Riley. But I almost find myself more intrigued by the Lucas choosing Maya verse because they’re rocky and he’s jealous of Riley and Caleb. I love she’s giving Lucas letters and I hope he still loves her like it seems he does. I love angst and you’ve written it perfectly because I’m hoping he kisses Riley in the LM half. I want them together in all scenarios, but this is great! I love it and hope you continue! You’re so talented
8/24/2019 c20 6immortalangel325
I forgot how much I missed this story and I desperately want to know how it ends
10/3/2018 c20 4The Ghost and the Reaper
I loved this story even the Lucas/Maya pairingand I was always ambivalent about them. Everything I didn't like we're nitpicks for the most part. (Including Alexz Johnson's song 'Skin' was a nice touch. Did you know she also was on the Disney Channel in 1999s So Weird?)

L/M universe had great pacing, I didn't like how cruel the six friends became at times. (However the Canon never gave Maya much of characterization other than hardened best friend. It makes since that would carry over to your story but you give context.) My favourite scene was the Lucas/Farkle altercation and consequences in 'Delayed Reaction'. R/L universe felt slower by comparison but I loved how it delved into the complexities of their relationshipsRiley with any of the charactersand intimacy between her and Lucas. Of those halves my favourite scene was pinning and passionately kissing her and the follow through in the next chapter.

Yet what I loved about your story is that charactersspecifically Maya and Rileywere called out on their actions or passivity. I loved that unlike the show you detail the consequences of the love triangle. I loved that you pointed out flaws of both pairings and do so without moralizing. These are things I wished Jacobs, Kelly, and the other writers had done.

Anyway I loved your story and sincerely hope you finish it. Great job.
6/24/2018 c3 Glyn
Have you ever seen the movie, "Sliding Doors" with Gwyneth Paltrow? It has the same split realities from different choices that you have going. It's good if you haven't seen it. The ending really sticks with you. So I'm really intrigued where you are going with this story.
2/24/2018 c20 9Poledra182
Just made it through another re-read of this story. It's a masterpiece. You have an incredible talent for writing and for keeping the characters true to who they are, even in two different universes. Thanks for sharing and I would love to know how it ends!
12/2/2017 c21 random fan
hi! any plans to finish this story? it's a different perspective, some angles i never would have considered; i would love to know your conclusion for it.
9/10/2017 c21 6immortalangel325
The triple update of death
6/26/2017 c20 10shebe67
I loved the conversations that took place on both sides. I feel for Maya in the LV...can't believe I admitted that. I don't like whats happening in the RV with Maya asking her to lie for her...thats not our Riley. I love Riley and zlucas, just wish she would tell him what's going on. Good job as always!
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