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4/20/2016 c9 Peaceandrucas
4/20/2016 c9 Guest
What is in the envelope, it better be good news...I feel more angst coming on. Great update and way to leave us on edge.
4/20/2016 c9 violet1429
My heart just broke for Riley in that first part, especially where she thought all their moments weren't between them even though they were and she's facing the reality that they might not be there for her in the future. I was a little confused by the end of the second half though, is the envelope from the art program?
4/20/2016 c9 1daghely
please don't tell me maya got accepted then rejected please
4/20/2016 c9 384748732483938793272
this story is everything. riley scene broke my heart into pieces, because I can see her breaking and thinking she's not enough and probably that this is all her please don't make maya unhappy in riley/lucas version.
4/20/2016 c9 67katdvs
Farkle has some steel balls in the Lucayaverse. And my poor Zay is never going to get a real bowl of cereal because the Matthews are always put of milk. great chapter.
4/20/2016 c9 53Rose Garden Twilight
This chapter Courtney. gah. The Lucaya side with Riley's speech tore up my heart. I've seen people who when from a dreamer to a realistic person and there was nothing I could do to help them. I feel for Riley in every way possible. The Rucas side, I'm glad that she got in. I think they will be fine given space, it will be good for Maya, excellent chapter as always.
4/20/2016 c9 22sand1128
What a rollercoaster!
Riley in the first verse brought me to tears...
Maya in the second verse made my heart stop...beat rapidly...stop again!

Well done!
4/17/2016 c8 Guest
Update please
4/17/2016 c8 Marissa Davis
That last line was so sweet in the Lucas/Riley part! He is so concerned about her and it's awesome. I loved how upset Lucas got when Riley saw he and Maya kiss. His concern is always for Riley and that is so telling. He clearly loves her and not Maya. Love Zay calming him down!
4/17/2016 c8 Guest
Is it weird that I thought Riley giving him his shoe back was a romantic moment...oh well I guess I'm weird then. I loved this chapter.
4/17/2016 c8 Guest
I'm confused in the one where maya is chosen Lucas is still in love with Riley . I thought that would have maya and Lucas in a stable relationship
4/16/2016 c8 Peaceandrucas
My poor rucas heart u made me cry so hard i really want riley to move on she deserves so much and same 4 maya anyways this is 1 of the greatest fanfics ever! Pls continue bc if u dont you probably would kill me
4/16/2016 c8 kid386
Got a little confused since their wasn't a break between part 1 and 2

great story
4/17/2016 c8 violet1429
I seriously wanted to punch Lucas from the first half. I don't like him with Maya but he has no right to yell at her for something that was equally his fault and maybe he should've figured out his feelings more before he chose Maya. I loved Rucas in the second half though
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