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for Split Screen Sadness

4/16/2016 c8 384748732483938793272
wow this is literally amazing! I am so involved with the story that I can totally feel what they are feeling! I've always thought that riley would probably feel guilty about being with lucas because she'd thought that by doing that she would've only been hurting maya. and I've always believe that lucas and maya would be like that, kind of senseless and I'm really hoping lucas will realize soon who he really wants. great job!
4/16/2016 c8 1daghely
She gave one of his boots back awwww
4/16/2016 c8 67katdvs
You know how I feel about LucayaLucas and LucayaMaya -_-
But Zay and Maya at the museum, love it!
Riley and Lucas saying what they NEED to say...he got a boot back...awww.
4/16/2016 c8 53Rose Garden Twilight
Courtney! My feels, I think you broke them. The second half was better, but it was too late by then. ugggh. Well I'm still looking forward to what we talk about and how it plays in. I ship them already. ;)
4/16/2016 c8 22sand1128
From heartbreaking to heartwarming all in one chapter!
Well done!
My heart hurts so much for Riley in the first verse & I want to knee Lucas in the 'nads
I love them both so much in the second verse

Looking forward to what's next
4/14/2016 c7 Gmwlover
Pls update i luv this! I live 4 this story!
4/14/2016 c7 Guest
Update please
4/11/2016 c7 Guest
Update awesome
4/11/2016 c7 Marissa Davis
I love seeing Lucas's thoughts when he is Maya's boyfriend! That half was phenomenally written. I hope that Maya will stop being upset in the Riley part where she's with Lucas. I can't wait for more
4/9/2016 c7 384748732483938793272
this is getting so so so so good! please continue!
4/9/2016 c7 Guest
Courtney. This story and the feels. My gut wrenched when Riley saw Maya and Lucas. You've portrayed them super well on both the lucaya and Rucas side and don't let anyone tell you differently.
4/9/2016 c7 Guest
My heart breaks for Riley in the maya/Lucas verse. I feel like maya is still confused about her feelings in the Riley/ Lucas verse and I just hope she gets to sort out her emotions and figure this all out cause her friendship with riley is the best thing for both of them.
4/8/2016 c1 Gmwlover
Im very interested in this story and i cant wait to see where it goes but i reallyy would loovvee to see lucas jealous of riley moving on with another in the lucaya universe oh that would make me soooooo happy but its your story NEVER stop writing and dont listen to the haters:)
4/8/2016 c7 Peaceandrucas
Omg my poor riley...:( PLS GIVE ME MORE IM DIEING PLSS
4/8/2016 c7 4skygazer13
My heart hurts really bad for Riley on the Lucaya side. And I see what you are doing with them over there. It's kinda obvious that could happen if they were ever together. So I love reading you handle that.
As for the Rucas side. I love it so much. I was really sad for Maya the last time, but now for what I've read, I feel she is getting better and I am too.
Seriously, amazing story! I really really really love this :D
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