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for Split Screen Sadness

4/8/2016 c7 67katdvs
My heart is breaking for Riley in the LM side and I'm loving Zay in both worlds.
4/8/2016 c8 Gmwlover
Pls continue im dieing over here!
4/8/2016 c6 Guest
I can feel the deep connection between them in this short conversation. He and Maya share passion but nothing so meaningful as this.
4/7/2016 c8 1SKILLZ01
Welcome the haters it is always good to have them
4/7/2016 c7 SKILLZ01
I agree and don't let what people think bother I made that mistake write for you and only you. You are right and each way and that is why I love this story I am not for Lucaya but I like how you wrote this story it breaks it down completely. By the way you nailed Farkle I imagine that is how the conversation would be. Because Farkle is a awesome friend. I think people need to stop with their judgements everyone has a right to their own opinion and this is fan fiction for a reason
4/2/2016 c8 Guest
So happy you will be continuing. Can't wait for more of your story.
4/2/2016 c7 Guest
BRAVO! All of your points are unbiased and crystal clear. I don't understand the negative reviews. You write beautifully and you clearly tell readers that this story is not lucaya couple friendly so I can't understand the negative feedback. I'm loving your story, also I'm currently reading a story by And the moments gone called " sooner or later" that is about a josh, maya and Lucas triangle in which the author doesn't tell readers who the endgame couple is and I'm loving it and reviewing every chapter even though I'm a josh and maya die hard fan. Her story is so beautifully written I have loved it no matter what the ending turns out to be and my reviews reflect that. Pay no attention to negative reviews as your story is beautiful.
4/2/2016 c5 Guest
bravo. you have done an excellent job in illustrating why exactly Maya is doomed in regards to the whole Lucas mess. poor girl can't catch a break but the kid is hung up on Riley and all the signs point to it. so even if he chose her, nothing good will come of it. and the kind of relationship that Lucas and Maya would rely on, the physical one, would definitely end up with Maya in the same boat as her mother (save Lucas would stick around)
4/1/2016 c8 Guest
Update please
4/1/2016 c8 Guest
Love you Courtney, keep your head up high.
3/31/2016 c7 Jay
Good for you, its not like you are forcing anyone to read your work! I personally love it, seeing lucas on both sides of this is very interesting. I think you write him very well!
3/31/2016 c7 Peaceandrucas
Prech argeed completeley and will there be an update 2 nite or no?
3/31/2016 c7 2LadyJae04
I will happily be the one to stand and initiate the slow clap for you! I came here to read some good stories, which you have provided, but no one- and I repeat NO ONE- deserves that type of negative treatment over fictional characters in a fictional story by people who can't seem to see what it is that's really happening on screen with each episode! There is a certain level of ridiculousness, immaturity, and quite frankly selfish pride/entitlement that comes into play if people are demanding that you see things as they see them or refusing to treat you with respect because you don't. It's distasteful and RUDE! It's not fair to you or to your art because it's apparent that you put a lot of thought into your stories. I encourage you to keep writing! It's much easier to critique or criticize than it is to create but if they want a fool-proof way to guarantee that things work out their way, they should start writing somethibg themselves...
3/31/2016 c7 Marissa Davis
You are writing a kickass story with an original idea! Keep it up and don't let the negativity get you down. I love the intensity of the emotions from both pairings in this story. You wrote Maya and Lucas like the chemistry driven couple they are, but that's ALL they have. No connection or deep rooted feelings. You do that flawlessly with the Riley and Lucas part of this. Update! I hope for more angst beaten Lucas/Riley during the Lucaya part of the chapter!
3/31/2016 c7 Guest
Update please
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