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for Split Screen Sadness

3/23/2016 c1 Guest
Great beginning. I love the idea for your story, exploring both choices...but I still hope it's Riley and Lucas in the end.
3/22/2016 c1 Guest
3/23/2016 c1 Mickey12Boo
I hope it's Riley!
3/22/2016 c1 violet1429
This sounds like a really interesting story! Can't wait to see how you see each relationship play out!
3/22/2016 c1 gsldfsgjapdl
Here. We. Go.

I'm very excited because this is a truly inspiring idea. Can't wait to see how you tackle it.
3/22/2016 c1 1daghely
oooo! new story I like it , can I suggest something can u maybe have lucas pick maya and then do something great with the plot and then have it be riley but not everything is easy and stuff idk but I just love what u do with ur stories
3/22/2016 c1 22sand1128
Great start to what is going to be another amazing story!
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