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6/18/2017 c20 53Rose Garden Twilight
Yay an update!
LV- Love the convo between Caleb and Lucas and they might start playing nice. The talk between Lucas and Maya I guess was long overdue. They still were talking about Riley, but I guess it would be enough to make Lucas stay. I'm super excited for Caleb and Riley to explore their feelings towards each other.

RV- Having a picture image of your best friend making out with your boyfriend would be a terrifying image so I don't blame Riley for running. If she's not open and honest with Lucas they are going to have problems later on the road. I loved the Rucas date. I've done a escape room before and it's a lot of fun, so I'm glad he took her there. I have a feeling that Lucas talking to Mr. Matthews is going to cause issues for the lovebirds.

Can't wait for the next update!
6/17/2017 c20 violet1429
MV: It was interesting to see Lucas backtrack and see that Maya was also there for all the moments he felt were significant with Riley and for him to assess the basis for their relationship, since like he said, the main thing they have in common is Riley. Kissing is all fun and good, but it seems like he sees that its not enough to sustain a relationship. The conversation between Lucas and Caleb was also interesting, given they've hardly directly interacted until this point. Maya and Lucas' conversation left me with mixed feelings. It seemed like just when they were about to confront what they needed to, they would veer off somehow. But the scene did end cute. I find nothing wrong with the closeness or them actually communicating but it just seems like they interpret it one way when it just may not be so. I really really loved the part where you said that "Banter was built for amusement not understanding. One only had to listen long enough to form a response." because that's very true, I just never stopped to think about it like that. I'm really glad Riley is giving Caleb a chance. Especially loved the very last line. Very cute way of going about it. I can support their back and forth because they're getting to that point where that respect is evident and thats important.

RV- I really feel bad for Riley. Yes she has Maya back, but at what cost? Maya knows what kind of person Riley is, so why put her in the position to lie when she knows her well enough to know its probably killing her inside? :( I know Maya feels like she needs this and she wants to share it with Riley but still! And those demons substituting herself for Maya in her subconscious doesn't help matters either. Very interesting to see the little plant take control of things of Lucas in that little closet. Sure it was out of character and maybe driven by the thoughts her demons were conjuring up but still, interesting to see her as the dominant one in that makeout. But I like how he said that he didn't pull her in there to kiss her and he just did it because he missed her. Kinda showing that while he likes the kissing, its not the most important thing. That date he arranged for the two of them was the sweetest thing, it really really was! Very unique and well thought out. Topanga pretending to be angry cracked me up! And for the ending: Lucas coming to Mr. matthews. I just know Riley will not be happy about that but the boy is doing it out of love! Maybe he should have gone the whole warning her route of "you tell them or I will because I can't risk her decisions hurting you" but he sorta kinda did so that counts for something?

Great update! It nice to see all the development between the different relationships and how the consequences of everyone's decisions are playing out
6/17/2017 c20 nmendivil30
I love this story so excited for the update.
In the LM portion of the chapter I'm glad Lucas is seeing the things more clearly. Not a fan of Maya's excuse as to why she pushes. She does not know what Riley needs. Honestly I hope they go their separate ways soon. I am also really liking that Riley is opening up to give Caleb a chance.

In the RL portion of the chapter was definitely surprised to see Riley get so physical. However these are teenagers with hormones. I'm also happy Lucas is not waiting around to fill someone in on what he has observed with Maya. Although this could cause a riff in his relationship with Riley.

Wonderful update!
6/17/2017 c20 Marissa Davis
Update asap! I really can't tell what's going to happen in the LM universe because he does care so deeply for Maya but he still harbors feelings for Riley. I feel for rileys insecurities in the LR universe. I hope Lucas and Riley end up together in both!
6/16/2017 c20 amherendeen
I'm so glad you updated! I adore this story!
6/16/2017 c20 xForeverAndAlways
Good chapter. :)
5/22/2017 c18 Guest
Hi, did you change your mind about this story?
5/22/2017 c19 6immortalangel325
Whenever I see a triple update I'm always sad cause I know it's not a real update
3/12/2017 c17 Anonymous14
Hey there, did you delete your update? Cause I remember reading chapter 16 already.

Love the story and hope to see the update soon!
3/11/2017 c17 xForeverAndAlways
This is a good story. :)
3/2/2017 c18 9Poledra182
Great chapter! Loved the development of Riley and Lucas's relationship in the Lucas/Maya side and I'm interested to see what happens with Maya's artwork in the Riley/Lucas. Update soon!
2/14/2017 c18 10shebe67
All I can say is wow! I started reading this in the early stages and got away from it as I was reading so much. I have reread and caught up and you know I love it. I feel for Maya in the RV and Riley in the LV. Lucas has me all kinds of twiseted with his feelings. I love that I feel what the whole group is feeling. It's wonderful Courtney and every time I read your writing, it just keep a getting better and better! Wonderful job!
2/10/2017 c18 Guest
Wow this is great. You sure you're not one of the writers from the show?! Lol. Honestly, I understand where Riley is coming from, as dorota from gossip girl placed it, "a simple pure love" is what we should have. I do love Caleb though and honestly feel he can give her both summer rain and passion, with the right person you should be able to feel both. This is why I believe Lucas shouldn't be with either, there must be a girl out that can give him both. Can't wait to see where you'll take your stories. So beautifully written.
2/4/2017 c18 NYempire
This story stirs up so much emotion within me, especially the Lucas and Maya chapters. I love your writing ways so so much and I think if anyone else were to have tried to write this story it wouldn't be as amazing. So thank you, for blessing my eyes with this story. I can't wait for more. :)
2/4/2017 c18 Marissa Davis
Loved both universes! Lucas needed to snap on Maya so she understood the way she was acting wasn't ok. Lucas needing to find clarity and only getting it in Riley's presence means a lot I think. He seems to love her but doesn't know how to feel that way, I could be wrong, but it seems Riley means a lot to him. Love the girls revonbecting in the other universe! Lucas being so protective over Riley is amazing. I loved him not wanting to break traditions that they've created. Update ASAP!
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