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2/2/2017 c18 3naelacy
Well I think you've made it obvious that no matter who Lucas chose, he would still have that deep connection with Riley and I think that's what people miss with the whole non-triangle story line. Yes, Lucas and Maya had conversations and flirted, but I truly don't think they ever had a real connection. Although Riley and Maya have such a strong connection, I like seeing how you explore the connection Lucas and Riley have as well in both "paths" because it's there. I just hope Riley learns how to balance them out or else I think it could destroy both relationships.
2/2/2017 c18 violet1429
LV- You really gotta feel for Riley and Lucas in this chapter (more so Riley, because Lucas more deserves to deal with the consequences of his consequences) I have been in a similar situation like the one hey were in in the bakery and gotta say, not fun. You could really feel the tension in your writing! Even if its not entirely clear whether the change in Riley is for the better or not, I like her take of Romeo and Juliet because she reminds me of me and I love it so much XD especially that verbal foreplay line, that killed me XD the scene between Riley and Lucas the roof hurt my feels a lot but at least it seems like Lucas may be starting to open his eyes to the things that are wrong in his and Maya's relationship. Meanwhile, it seems to me like whatever he feels for Riley is continuing to deepen no matter what he does and I know you won't flip flop, their interactions are just interesting. My heart broke for him at the end a little at the end but again, it is his own fault and I will never budge on thinking that lol. I wish he could have been in a place where he could tell her that she wasn't just a placeholder for Maya because I'm sure he doesnt and never did see her that way, but if he had, it would have created a bigger mess. But I am glad the seem to be inching their way back into how they were before this whole mess, friendship wise. I do like Caleb a lot and while Riley and his dynamic is similar to Mucas', I would take Riley and Caleb's any day. There's less teasing and name calling, a little more of an unspoken sense of respect. Maya, however, just pissed me off. She's trying to help out Riley because she think she like Caleb but seriously, is she really that oblivious? Riley was evidently uncomfortable with Maya pushing the issue and Maya took it too far. I'm glad both Riley and Lucas called her out on it because she needed to hear it.

RV- The Rilaya at the very beginning made me smile, nice to see them have a cute friendship moment. And of course, I loved the little Rucas makeout session:))Riley seems to be get more and more comfortable with that sort of affection. Though you could feel the tension in the scene between the three in Riley's room, Maya's interruption was funny, not gonna lie. I felt the worse for poor bb Riley having to be in the middle of all of that, afraid of hurting one by catering to the other's feelings. The Lucas-Cory interaction had to be my favorite part of the whole RV side "A in Lucas" gotta love Auggie for that one XD The line about "Lucas trailing behind, just like old times" hurt my heart for him though:( and also I feel bad for Riley thinking that Lucas may one day wish he chose Maya and for Maya because seeing Riley and Lucas can't be easy, but I don't think its for the same reasons its not easy for Riley to see Lucas and Maya in LV. It seems more like Maya is afraid of being replaced now that Riley had Lucas, rather than it having to do with her feelings towards Lucas. The Rilaya fight made me sad but while I get Maya feels like she needs to figure herself out and that Ronnie is a big part of that, Riley has reason to be worried. She doesn't know this girl and she perceives Maya's actions as her having a bad influence maybe, so she is concerned. The asking Riley to not say anything doesn't sit well with me though. It puts Riley in a really tough spot when everything that Maya has done, Riley thinks are wrong and knows they aren't things Maya should be doing. I like that she shared this with her, but to ask Riley of all people to not tell anyone...I don't like it:(

It was amazing as always and you should be proud with how it turned out(:
2/2/2017 c18 Guest
Update please
2/2/2017 c18 4skygazer13
On the LM universe, I really like Caleb more and more. I do think that he and Riley could form something, but after reading Riley not wanting that just because she is afraid of wanting someone just to love her, I am not sure what to think of them. Also Lucas and Maya, actually glad that Lucas finally snapped, at least for right now. Its getting more and more frustrating how she doesnt notice how much Riley is hurting. Tbh I dislike her right now in that world. Also Riley and Lucas, loved their scene in the rooftop, left me with lot of feelings. I know you are not going to flip flop between them, so I am curious as to how its going to resolve that, considering that tbh, it seems Lucas is just falling more and more for Riley instead of moving on. But guess, time will tell. Right now, its just painful to read it, as their shipper. Anyways, loved that part a lo.

On the RL universe, I absolutely loved how they have those make out sessions every morning, Riley sure has an A on Lucas by now ;). Loved the interaction with the Matthews family, Cory had me cracking up lol. Also, seriously happy that they have mended things with Riley and Maya. I think that even though they still have a lot way to go, its something right now. Although I do admit I am on Riley's side on the whole smoke and graffiting thing. But I am trying to understand why Maya is doing it, and see where that would leave her. Pretty sure, it is going to work out in the end.

Basically, you never cease to impress me, and always leave me wanting more and more. Such a beautiful and intense chapter, loved every second of it. Although ]I would have to blame you if I fail my exam for reading it while I was in class lmao. Its just too addictive to stop. Cant wait to read more! :D
2/2/2017 c18 nmendivil30
This was definitely worth the wait. Great chapter.

LM- I am happy Lucas and Riley were finally able to talk like old times. I also love the way you worked their conversation to open Lucas' eyes to his and Maya's relationship. I do have to admit I still hope Caleb sticks around and Riley and him can find a balance and really have a good conversation rather than only that cat and mouse game. Looking forward to see how Maya reacts afterwards.

RL- I'm happy the girls are getting their relationship back on track. Its also cute the way Auggie makes fun of Riley and Lucas. I agree with Maya, Riley really needs to allow her to make her own choices and trust her good influence will help her make the right choices.

Also- still hoping Josh makes and appearance :)
2/2/2017 c18 Guest
Not going to lie a little disappointed that Riley forgive Lucas so easily in the Lucaya version. Even if it wasn't an actual forgiveness her letting him walk to her door and the bay window and the letter if that ain't forgiveness I don't know what it is. But it's Riley so surprise surprise
2/2/2017 c18 53Rose Garden Twilight
You weren't kidding when you said a lot happened in these
LV- Dang that Topanga scene was filled with tension. I want Riley to be happy and if that's with Caleb then so be it. It was so interesting to see Lucas explode on Maya, if nothing else their cracks are starting to show. The rucas scene after broke my heart, especially after your promise of not flip flopping, which means they'll just be ships in the night.
RV- It's had canon that Riley gets an A plus in Lucas because he crawls into her window and they make out every morning ;) Riley is just minding her studies. The rilaya fight was also painful in a different way because I've experience something similar (not the illegal part but some of the dialogue)

All in all great chapter and I'm eager for more.
2/2/2017 c18 9BlueBell765
This is one of my all time favorite stories! In the Lucaya verse, I love that Riley and Lucas went off on Maya. Seriously how oblivious can she be?! I loved the rooftop scene and hearing how Riley stills wants a summer's rain! In the Rucas verse, I feel so bad for Riley, trying to make everyone happy! She was a always the middle point of the triangle in my opinion.
Another great chapter! This story is so well done. I love how much thought you put into the girls' dynamic and how they've grown! It's not all about Lucas. He is just the catalyst for change. And I really enjoy the way you portray Lucas as well. I feel like in both verses he is very in character. (Although it my be my rucas bias showing, I could never see him truly picking Maya or staying with her for this long. lol.) Great job!
12/12/2016 c17 Siennese
Happy Holidays and Happy new year
I am excited to see how thos split screen ends. I always believe in Pluto and Rucas in an AU

Keep writing, I'll keep reading
12/3/2016 c16 rucasbabes
Yas yas yas yasssssssss please please update
11/18/2016 c16 Ashely
OMG I look forward to reading your next chapter! Please update your story is one of my favs so what's next in store for this story. I honestly don't like lucaya since I'm a huge rucas fan but love the story anyway
11/16/2016 c16 Marissa Davis
Can't wait to see how Lucas and Maya react to that group coming into topangas! But that whole scene just shows how unfit Lucas is with Maya because she couldn't understand why he needed to study instead of catering to her need for attention. She annoys me a lot on the show for always needing attention. Can't wait for jealous Lucas seeing Riley with another guy! Also love in the Riley part how he always feels the need to kiss her and can't get close enough! I feel for Zay since he's being a good friend to Maya and she wasn't one back to him. Update ASAP!
11/16/2016 c15 5acoleman3231
Really good story. I just read it all on my day off today. lol I like that it shows both sides if he had made a choice right after the scene at the bay window. The version where Lucas picks Maya story I really don't get why they are letting the relationship go on so long if they aren't really happy. Maya has to keep reminding herself to be a good girlfriend. Lucas can't talk about what he wants with her. He can't keep his eyes off of Riley. So I don't get why he is staying in the relationship. It just seems like it is purely physical and it has been months of that.

I don't think the real Maya would stay in this relationship this long if it meant losing Farkle and Riley. I did like their confrontation at the movies and Riley telling her to fix her own mess this time. I hope she takes that to heart and start fixing her relationship with them. She can't keep thinking they will turn around and they will just go back to the way it was.

The story where Lucas picks Riley it is good to see how their relationship has grown. It is still innocent but they are both dealing with these new hormones and feelings in their relationship. Their physical desires are changing and that is changing their relationship. I really liked the talk that Zay and Maya had. Really well done. I hope he can start to get her back to the old Maya. I hope that Riley and Maya's talk is constructive and start to mend their relationship.

Can't wait to the next update. I want to see where you take this story.
11/16/2016 c16 Guest
First Half- I feel so bad for Lucas in this version. He is struggling with his choice and its tearing him and the group apart. Maya on the other hand is quickly becoming a hated character (she needs to open her eyes). Riley and Caleb are cute. I am rooting for them and I hope they get to the point to where they have a constructive conversation. Right now the mouse and cat game is cute but I'm afraid its mirroring too much Lucaya and that may not end well for Riley. (also I hope Zay is with them at the bakery)

Second half- I am happy Zay was able to make his feelings known and talk to Maya. I hope she snaps out of her pity party and gets it together. I also enjoy Rucas so much. Lucas' protective nature is in high gear when it comes to Riley and I can tell he's going to do what he can to protect her even from her best friend if necessary.
11/16/2016 c16 Guest
Update please
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