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11/16/2016 c16 4skygazer13
Damn, I dont even know where to start. Okay in the Lucaya are seriously going to make me fall for the Caleb/Riley story, arent you? Because while I ship Rucas like crazy, I am loving the dinamic between them. Its just so honest and adorable. They are both good teenagers that are developing feelings for each other, and for me, really fast. I wouldnt mind them happening here, if thats your plan ofc. Also the Zay/Lucas interaction, so so so good! I loved how Zay pushed all Lucas's buttons, specially that thing about dropping Riley for Maya..I was like "Oooohhhhh". lol. Its great to read more moments between them, and I am really glad Zay is helping Lucas see how much he has changed. As for Lucas/Maya..well, those two are awkward af. Lucas not being able to talk to Maya about important stuff, and she just trying to be a good damn, those two are just hopeless lol. (Cant help putting my dislike towards this ship lol)

On the Rucas side, I seriously loved the Zay/Maya scene. I loved how Zay acted with her, and made her see everything he has done. Like you told her Zay! But Maya is so damn lost it breaks my heart, I really wish she finds herself at some point soon. Also, she caring about Riley not saying anything to her, it just hit me hard. Like legit, her best friend found out about something bad she did and havent said a single thing. It must hurt. I am dying to read that next chapter. Oh and the Rucas scene, so hot. Like those two are quickly becoming more and more passionate. Not that its neccesarily a bad thing, considering they are still their little adorable, good selves. But its nice to read how the hormones are making them act like that, and how it only keeps growing.

Anyways, such an amazing chapter as always, I legit screamed when I saw you updated. I cant wait to read more, this is really an amazing fic. :D
11/15/2016 c16 violet1429
MV- Couldn't help but cheer on Zay when he was trying to get a rise out of Lucas. I know the Lucas is struggling and I feel very bad for him but I can't say I haven't, at different times, thought some of the things Zay brought up when he was testing him. I audibly went "oooooooo" when he said "like how you dropped Riley for Maya" :)) But I'm glad that Zay could see that part of the best friend he knows and loves is still there among all the confusion and bad decisions. And I love the extended use of the Batman v Superman! I really like Caleb and since Riley and Lucas can't happen in this half, I'm glad he's there. Having him there exposes Riley to a kind of dynamic she's never experienced before. The banter is there but there's also a mutual respect that makes for a nice balance They seem to have a lot of potential, even if Riley isn't ready to admit that to herself just yet(: And idk about anyone else, but doesn't it say something if Lucas doesn't feel like he can talk about what's important to him with his girlfriend without fear of getting a smoothie dumped on his head? Nice to see that Maya attempted to do what she felt a good girlfriend would do and try to study with Lucas because she thought it would make him happy. But it sounds like they keep having to force themselves to do "things that couples do" when they should just focus on being Maya and Lucas and doing things that don't feel "awkward and confusing". I would like to think that Maya has learned her lesson by now that she shouldn't be pushing Riley when it comes to Caleb since Riley has made it clear she wants her to not do that but from that last line, I'm thinking she hasn't learned much...

RV- Glad Zay confronted Maya because out of the three boys, I expected it to be him to be the first to do it. And I'm also happy she acknowledged the sacrifices he's made for her, especially concerning his friendship with Lucas. I think you described Zay's thoughts perfectly: he wanted to stay mad at her because he had good reason to, given what he knew at the time but he was also just hurt and I think you explained that mix of emotions well. But I'm glad they made up, and gotta say I'm jealous because I myself have always wanted to try the whole throwing darts at paint balloons thing(: And poor bb Maya:( She's afraid that Riley gave up on her but she doesn't know that really, Riley's immediate reaction was to go to her! However, I do think Lucas did the right thing by stopping her when he did. Can't say that I didn't enjoy the fact that Rucas seems to be exploring a different aspect of their relationship, even if it is a bit overwhelming for Riley. They're teenagers and they're hormonal but they're still retaining their Rucas-ness and its great(: I agree with Lucas that something probably is still wrong because there are still things that need to be worked but the Rilaya reunion made my heart very happy and I'm going to enjoy it while I can(:
11/15/2016 c16 Guest
Nice :) I just still don't like Maya - in any universe. Nothing to do with your writing hehe. Just in general - I cannot still forgive her. Sorry.
11/15/2016 c16 Siennese
This review is really a Thank you to all the other reviewers reading this amazing yet complicated twisty story. Your opinions and detail perspective of each chapter help me understand the LV and RV view better. So Thank you! I appreciate it.
As in my PM, you are an Amazing writer and I enjoy your stories. My Rucas heart thanks you.
Keep writing, I'll keep reading
11/15/2016 c16 amherendeen
They're all so broken and it just hurts my heart! fanatic update, as usual!
11/15/2016 c16 3naelacy
I love the way this story is written! But at the same time I don't because of the double cliff-hangers... not that they always end as cliff-hangers, but still! Great chapter!
11/15/2016 c16 nmendivil30
Oh..I wonder what trouble Maya is thinking of causing in the Lucaya half. She may want to rethink as that is not the same gentle Riley.

It's good Maya is trying in the Rucas half.

Looking forward to the next update.
11/15/2016 c16 53Rose Garden Twilight
Lv- of course Maya wants to stir the pot. Just the thought of the Lucaya makes my stomach churn, but you handled it well.

RV- loved zaya, rucas and rilaya (so the whole thing lol) although I feel for Lucas I have a feeling he's right.

Overall beautiful chapter, very even and fair. I look forward to future chapters.
11/7/2016 c15 Guest
What nerve Maya has. Smarkle is not gross no matter how long they stare into each other's eyes. Also cute guys / boys day out.
10/25/2016 c15 Guest
OMG! I love Riley in the first half. I am so happy she stood up to Maya and forcing her to realize not all is forgiven and she has to eventually take responsibility for things. Not gonna lie I totally see Lucas breaking things off with her in the near future if she doesn't get her act together.

Its so cute in the second half Riley and Lucas' hormones are raging and catching them off guard. I'm also about done with Maya, she hurt my Zay's feelings.
10/25/2016 c15 Marissa Davis
This just keeps getting better and better! The top part is so flawless with the war raging inside Lucas with his feelings for Riley not going away but him being the guy Maya fell for, even if it's not the best version of himself. I'm really hoping we pick back up in Riley's room! I was so happy he went there to see her. She can bring him back to being his true self and I loved that Zay caught the moment between them! I don't condone cheating but I'm dying for Lucas and Riley to kiss since they are so angsty and amazing in the top part! As for the second part I was loving Farkle using his connections to get them a better boys day! I love the scenes with the guys and it sucks they all saw Maya smoking. I'm intrigued by where her dark path will take her and I hope Riley can end up helping her so they can become the best friends we all know and love! I was basically gasping when Lucas and Riley fought and then aggressively kissed in her room! I basically want that to happen in the first part also haha that was HOT! They are perfect and I love your writing! Update ASAP
10/23/2016 c15 nmendivil30
First thank you for the chapter. You did not disappoint. This is one of my all time fav fic. I can totally see the story you are telling play out. Excited for the next update.
10/21/2016 c15 Guest
Update please
10/22/2016 c15 violet1429
LV- Ugh Maya and Lucas make it so hard for me to even slightly root for them in their version. Maya misses Riley and hat's understandable that she wants this back the way they were but too much damage has been done not only concerning Riley but to the other friendships as well for someone to just "fix" like nothing. It would be one thing if Maya was actively sorry for everything, but she treats it as if everything was out of her hands and for that reason, its not completely her fault so she doesn't feel the need to be held accountable for what she did. She couldn't control how she and Lucas felt about each other and that he picked her: I agree with that and see how THAT'S not her fault. But that isn't an excuse for the way things were handled. And with Farkle, when she and Lucas were called out, she points out that he started it like that justified ignoring him? I was super proud of Riley for saying what she did. Maya needs to fix things with Farkle on her own. Having Riley fix it doesn't express any guilt or how sorry she feels for what went down. And her ruining the Smarkle moment bugged me. I know she was trying to be playful and meant no harm by it, but she should know that every couple is different. She knows Smackle and Farkle are nothing like her and Lucas so why would the teasing work for them? I want Riley and Farkle to forgive her because why wouldn't you root for their friendship, but at this point, Maya hasn't done a whole lot to merit that forgiveness. I'm almost a little sad for Lucas when he says things like Maya never looks at him like he's something special. Regardless of the dynamics of the relationship, that should always be there. Him and Riley sharing that look when he and Maya first got there hurt my heart a bit:( I really miss their friendship. He did made me scoff at the end with the "he lost her heart. He won't lose her friendship too" Well yeah, after choosing her best friend over her, makes sense that you dont get to have her heart anymore:)) But Im glad he's taking responsibility for his actions and acknowledging that he and Maya were wrong when it came to what happened with Farkle. One thing I loved about this half was the Riladora friendship(:

RV-I loved seeing the boys go out and enjoy themselves. It's nice to see that one group outing went somewhat well (until the end anyway) I wasn't shocked to see Lucas say that he doesn't wish he picked Maya instead of Riley. I think he regrets what his decision did to all their friendships and group dynamics but he will never regret the girl he chose (in LV, that's a little less clear, but I'd like to believe that is also the case). Glad at least Maya is starting to consider why it is she liked Lucas in the first place. I liked how Maya noted how Farkle is Maya and Riley's quiet hero because damn right he is! So many people are too busy shipping him with one of them that they forget to appreciate the lovely friendship that we have been presented with. He just cares about protecting the girls and does his best to look out for them and I dont think he gets enough credit for that. That being said, all three boys had appropriate reactions to seeing Maya in the situation they saw her in, I think, considering their relationship currently with her and the fact that since she isn't letting anyone in, they can only react based on what they're seeing. Farkle's of course going to be concerned because he immediately wants to look out for her (and I think it was smart that he didnt immediately confront her). Zay is understandably mad because he distances himself from his best friend so she would have someone on her side but she repays him by continuing to keep secrets from him like she is with the rest of the group. Lucas immediately wants to protect Riley because while he does care about Maya, he can't help that Riley is always priority, its instinctual. LOVED sassy Riley but poor guy! He has good intentions but he doesn't know the extent of Maya's behavior and he doesn't want Riley getting hurt because he knows she doesn't think straight when it's Maya. But if it was my best friend, I wouldn't be able to either. But her trying to trick him by flirting with him made me laugh so much:)) Can't say I didn't enjoy their heated moment because I did :)) but I'm glad their doing their usual Rucas thing by talking things out. I actually really like Ronnie. Maya needs Riley to balance her out but right now, I think a kind of kindred spirit is a good thing for her to have. Maybe not as an an influence, it seems, but as a friend definitely.
10/22/2016 c15 4skygazer13
First, I noticed and loved how some chapters ago in the Lucaya version Lucas said how Riley was his best friend, more than Zay and Farkle, that she knew everything about him. and now the same happens in the Rucas universe here. And idk, I just loved that lol. Second, I am so interested into seeing Farkle and Zay realize what they keep seeing between Riley and Lucas in the Mucas universe. Also I am seriously loving this Riley, I am sunshine her is still wonderful but its amazing to imagine her like that. I for one don't think she should just forgive them, neither Farkle. I seriously loved all the drama and angst that is going on there. Oh and that thing of Riley and Lucas staring at each other and getting lost in each other, freaking killed me!
Third, in the Rucas universe. I loved how Riley and Lucas decided that they needed to resolve their fight and talk about it. Also that kiss there was pretty hot lol. Gotta love those moments. As to Zay, I felt for him so much for him. And I totally side with him on this one. Like legit he chose to be on Maya's side and there she is with another people and not telling him anything about it. I really want to see a convo between them about it. And lastly, I am really curious into what is going to happen with Maya. it seems like she is just falling into a hole she could not get out from, so I hope something happens before they occurs. Basically, I am addicted to this fic and I seriously screamed when I saw you updated. Its one of my favorites here. Like in the top 3. So I am dying to read what happens next. :D
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