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for Split Screen Sadness

10/21/2016 c15 amherendeen
This literally made me cry... I'm so glad you had a chance to update it!
10/21/2016 c15 1daghely
I LOVE THIS STORY ! I LOVE THE NEW RILEY AND I HOPE SHE DOESN'T GO BACK TO BEING ALL SUNSHINE RILEY this is character development and I love and i honestly dont want May a to be forgiven by Farkle or Riley
10/21/2016 c15 53Rose Garden Twilight
No one can ever say your chapters aren't long enough. The LV broke my Riley heart. This was so hard for her to face them and then people just want her to solve the problem. Definitely relate.
Rv- as much as I liked their heated moment I LOVED how they sat down and talked things out instead of pushing everything under the rug. I feel for Maya and hope that she comes around eventually. Nice job all around
9/29/2016 c15 Guest
No! How could you do this to me? Guess I have to wait.
9/29/2016 c15 Guest
Looking forward to it;)
Hope you have a nice visit with your mom!
9/28/2016 c15 Guest
Update please
9/22/2016 c14 Guest
Great story, can't wait for your next update.
8/29/2016 c14 6shipperluv
I'm afraid I don't have very much empathy for Maya in the L/M section. She just seems to have so little regard for Lucas and his feelings, and even when he points out that what they've done has broken up their circle of friends, she doesn't seem to have much regret about that. And it's so hard to see Riley seemingly falling for another guy. I'm sure you're going somewhere with it, and Riley will learn something from her experience with him (I think that's where you're heading anyway), but it's hurting my little Rucas heart, lol.

I loved the RL interaction in the Rucas section. It was so sweet that Lucas recreated the pose of her falling in his lap for the photo booth picture. And it was cute that he'd gotten her cake (ala Ski Lodge?). Their conversation about what they thought about before they'd gotten together was really great too. I hope Riley and Maya talk soon, and maybe when they reconnect it'll help Maya re-find herself.
8/29/2016 c14 Marissa Davis
This story always gets to me! It's so well written. The way you capture everyone's emotions and inner thoughts are pretty flawless. When Lucas was jealous of Caleb I was SO happy because I'm such an avid Lucas/Riley fan! His thoughts about how no matter how much Maya consumes him and makes him blood boil, she'll never be able to take away his devotion to Riley. That part really got to me because he's struggling so much and he and Maya both feel like there is something missing, I don't ever condone cheating but I can't help it, I do want Lucas to kiss Riley in the part where he's with Maya, like he just can't help it because he's so pissed about her and Caleb! Does that make me evil? Maybe a little but I love Riley in that world! I love her changes and her attitude.

In the Lucas/Riley side I'm glad Maya has such a strong voice and such a great artistic ability. Being in pain with no way of letting it out would be awful so I'm glad she has her voice and her art! I am sad for both girls in each universe because they miss each other so much and it would be great if they could start making their way towards each other! They need one another and aren't really complete without each other so I like when that gets incorporated into the narrative. Also love how attracted Lucas is to Riley! Ppl always want to say he and Riley don't have the fire he has with Maya, but you write them having great chemistry and having Riley envoke feelings in him he didn't know he had. That's why I think they're true love. Ahh rant over! I love this story, such an original idea! Do you know how many chapters you're planning on for the whole thing?
8/28/2016 c14 4skygazer13
amazing chapter as always! Tbh sometimes the Lucaya side feels for like Rucas angst lol. cause in this one I could feel what Lucas was going through when he saw Riley and Caleb and that actually depressed me lol. But I am really interested to see where you take Lucas and Maya's relationship, right now I think their hormones are clouding their mind and Lucas is using his other head if you know what I mean lmao. Neh but seriously, their story seems really interesting and I wonder what is going to happen next. On the Rucas side, I am really interested in what I a going on with Maya and really enjoyed her interactions with Zay and Ronnie. Also Lucas and Riley are so damn cute but also I can read and feel how strong and important they are for each other. Anyway, amazing chapter seriously. I am already dying to read another one. Also random question, this story will take place during this school year or will there be time jumps? Well I think that's it lol, really love this fic
8/28/2016 c14 violet1429
LM: Not gonna lie, I appreciated Riley's new view on Romeo and Juliet because that's exactly how I saw it when we read the play my freshman year. But it makes me sad that the whole triangle ordeal made her more jaded and completely turned her own perception of love around. In Farkle's POV, he said that Riley is acting more like Maya, is Riley going through an identity crisis in the they way that she's turning into Maya a bit (or just simply having one after everything she went through) or she just changing because that's a part of life and growing up? I do very much like Caleb and I like the possibility of him being in Riley's life (for the time being) And I want to root for Lucaya in their half but their relationship just seems so unhealthy I can't! It's like they bring out the worst in each other! Its almost like their communication skills are not existent the main thing that keep them together is the "fire" and the physicality of it all. What happens when that fire burns out? Lucas is still frustrating me in this half with the being with Maya while still having obviously strong feelings for Riley ( i know the feelings would never completely go away because their connection but damn, it seems like he has more feelings than is appropriate for him to have while he is with Maya) And I know Maya is just naturally a confident person, but was the flirting necessary? Especially when she was with Lucas, and like Lucas said, when it clearly made Riley uncomfortable? If Maya thought there was something between Riley and Caleb, why continue with her flirtation?

RL: I'm glad Maya didn't tag that wall because I think that there is another way to break this block and she just hasn't found it yet. I do like Ronnie, though, because she clearly does care for Maya and genuinely does want to help any way she can. Always love the Zaya friendship. Zay is the perfect person to be there for her at a time like this, when she feels she can't be around Riley. He's not just telling her what she wants to hear because she's upset, he is telling her what she NEEDS to hear because she's ignoring it. I really REALLY loved the way you described the photos Rucas took in that photobooth and how they told a sort of story. And that he got her cake because it reminded me of their talk in Ski Lodge part 2(: But I honestly think that the thought of Maya and the damage that has been done to their friendship is what is going to hold Riley back even now when she's in a relationship with Lucas. I think that a part of her is always going to want to put Maya ahead of Lucas because that's her bestfriend and she knows that that shouldn't always be the case and she'll struggle with it as she already is. The distance emotionally between Rilaya hurts me more in this half because in Lucaya's half the girls seem more combative with one another, due to Riley's change and Maya's response to that change, but in this one, their sadness from missing each other is evident.
8/28/2016 c14 Sabina6s
Yaaaaaaaay! Update! I'm loving the Caleb and Riley flirting but poor Maya, ugh you're just brilliant... Well worth the wait for a new chpt
8/27/2016 c14 nmendivil30
Such a great chapter, well worth the wait. I'm enjoying the Caleb character and hope he sticks around.
8/27/2016 c14 Guest
Hate it when it reposts my reviews.
Lv I love the Caleb interaction with everyone. Totally love Lucas trying not to be jealous. I do feel bad that Maya won't go see his parents.
Rv loved the Rucas fluff. It was so adorable. As for the Ronnie/Maya bit, I love it. I look forward to seeing them interact more.
8/27/2016 c14 53Rose Garden Twilight
You should know my feelings about this chapter, but here I go.
Lv- l
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