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8/27/2016 c14 48MusicalCatharsis
Have I mentioned before that I LOVE the who Riley has become because Lucas chose Maya. If I could read a whole story of just that...
8/7/2016 c13 lachicarebelde22
My poor lucaya heart ;(
8/5/2016 c9 chobani123
No offense I like the story but I like the Lucaya store better because of the emotion
8/1/2016 c13 nmendivil30
Loving the story. Also really intrigued with Caleb. I hope he turns out to be good for Riley.
7/25/2016 c13 6shipperluv
'No one wants uncertain pennies'. Lol, that line really tickled me. I liked Lucas's reaction to Riley and Caleb, and that he only took one step towards them before he stopped himself when he realized he didn't have a right to object.

I like that Ronnie is helping Maya reclaim her artistic voice. She seems like a cool mentor type for Maya. I hope she doesn't end up leading Maya into trouble by encouraging her break-the-rules mentality. The picture Maya described at the end sounded beautiful. You did such a great job of making the image come to life in my mind. Looking forward to what comes next!
7/23/2016 c13 6Wicked Misty
I love this story and the way you show both possible outcomes. I can't wait for the next chapter :)
7/20/2016 c13 gsldfsgjapdl
Took me two days, but I finished. Huge update! Great job, CJ! Keep it up!
7/20/2016 c13 384748732483938793272
I can't really imagine what's going to happen in neither of the povs, but I am kinda hoping to see jealous!lucas on lucaya's. not from maya, obviously, but riley's, now that caleb was introduced. and I just want maya to find herself and things get better between her and riley on the rucas side. in addition to that, I am hoping to see more of caleb, please!
7/20/2016 c13 4skygazer13
Absolutely loves this so much. On the LM side, I think I might have an idea of what is making Maya act like that, but its just a guess. Really interested in reading what is going to happen with them, and within Lucas and Caleb, because he surely looks jealous rn. As well as Riley and Caleb, I am really excited about them. I feel he might be good for her.

On the RL side, I love how close they have gotten, and how Lucas is worried for the friendship between Rilaya. Also interested into Ronnie and Maya, wanting to see what happens with Ronnie now here.
Anyways, seriously, one of my favorite stories ever here. I am so excited to read what comes next. :)
7/20/2016 c13 violet1429
ML: I felt kinda bad for Lucas when Maya brought up "Texas Lucas". And I agree he should accept that that's a part of him but I certainly do not agree with her perception that that is who he truly is because there's a reason why he wanted things to be different when he came to New York, even before he met Riley, Maya and Farkle. I did like that she showed she was trying a little when she gave him that list (my favorite was spitfire). LOVED the Dead Poet's Society references, that movie is amazing 3 Also loved that a new boy has peaked Riley's interest and I'm very excited to see where that goes. I don't know how I feel about Lucas' reaction to seeing their little meeting though. It made me sad for him because had a very wistful tone, especially when he explained all her mannerisms, but also made me think "Oh well, you knew this day would eventually come. Just because you didn't choose her doesn't mean another boy won't either." I'm glad he only took that one step because she deserves to get excited about a new boy met especially after what happened. And I know Maya doesn't like Riley's changes and I get why but the changes don't have to be all bad. They have to let Riley grow up a little, they can't protect her forever and she shouldn't be protected from everything. She needs to be exposed to the world that they've tried to hide from her a least a little bit. So I'm happy Riley stood up for herself concerning how she is changing. VERY interesting about the girl switching clothes/styles, because I didn't even think about Maya and how she may have changed in this story like they noted in the show.

RL: Ronnie is interesting and I think I like her, at least for now and it was nice that we got a little insight on Maya's time in her art program even if she didn't have a completely positive expereince. I like that Ronnie is helping MAya with her art because if she doesn't have Riley right now, at least she has art. Her intended painting was described beautifully and makes me wish I could actually see a painting that looks like what she described!Loved how you described Smackle's biological reaction to Lucas :)) I'm glad Lucas went to farkle, no matter how angry Farkle is with him. I understand Farkle's anger (in both universes) but Lucas had to chose either way. I think choosing neither girl wasn't really an option, just like they kinda pointed out in Legacy. I don't think anybody would've guessed that Rilaya's friendship would take this big a hit, in either universe. I feel really bad for Riley because it seems like she can't fully enjoy her relationship with the boy she's wanted for so long because being with him has hurt her friendship with Maya and she can't separate one from the other :/
7/19/2016 c13 Guest
Update please
7/19/2016 c13 Tiff
Such a good story.

As i was reading the Lucaya portion this song popped in my head Chris Cagle - Look At What I've Done. Don't know if anyone else hears the connection too.

Anticipating for the next chapter :)
7/19/2016 c13 Guest
Excellent chapter! I'm excited to see what happens next. Update soon!
7/19/2016 c13 Safingrucas
Once again an AMAZING chapter i cant wait to see more of celab i hope we got some more of him and riley and i wont be complaing if lucas was there to see them together againanyways i cant wait for another update!
7/19/2016 c13 53Rose Garden Twilight
Beautiful Chapter, although you already know my thoughts, I figured I would put them in a review.
LV- I'm am SO excited for Caleb, you have no idea. I can't wait for more of their interactions. Riley and Maya's fight made me laugh so hard, it's not even funny. I love how you put together that scene. I feel bad for Rilaya though and their friendship.
RV-I feel so bad for Maya, but I also adore Ronnie, in some aspects I feel like she could do some good for Maya. Riley and Lucas are still communicating which is good.

I can't wait to see how the rest of the story goes.
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