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5/8 c108 AnonymouslyKnown
I can't wait for the next chapter to come out. Pacifica and Dipper are cute together. Can't wait for the next crazy thing they encounter.
5/7 c107 Guest
I am still continually stunned by the fact that this entire story just seems so much like the GF season 3 we never got. I've said it before, but I'll say it again for emphasis - your characterisation is perfect. The jokes and words used by each character is PERFECT. I could see that line about inflammable being in the actual show.

- INFUSCATE (too lazy to log in)
5/7 c106 Infuscate
That ending... Never felt so jealous of a fictional character before... I just want a hug :(
5/4 c54 drizma
For some reason I thought they only got back in ch 100
4/25 c108 7TheReturnToTheFalls
“And once the status quo has been reestablished, it can be broken again.”

Is that a hint of foreshadowing I sense? Maybe not, but very interesting nonetheless!
4/20 c108 6Artemis Raven Courtney
You know, you’re really talented. Any writer can mess with the status quo subconsciously, but to consciously set up the status quo only to knock it down again is both extremely interesting and takes a lot of practice and skill. I blew through dozens of chapters of this story in one sitting last year and I’ve gotta say, you have what it takes to be a novelist.
4/19 c108 prager152
Thanks for the upload, new chapters from you are always Something to look forward too, no matter how much of a tough spot i'm in at the Moment.
Also, you definietly got your theories about meeting a status qo right, cause I get extreme cases of nostalgia from almost all your chapters, which is pretty impressive, considering the fact that I'm reading them for the first time.
So keep doing what you're doing and have a great time.
4/18 c108 Anon
Just caught up, this has been easily the best GF fanfic I’ve read so far, keep it up.
4/18 c108 wgolyoko
I personnaly love these tiny chapters where we get to explore the characters (and the town) in a tranquil pace. The character drama feels much more real when it's not just tied to whatever happens in the main scenario. The chapter is well named
4/17 c108 1GuntherRiechwald
Pretty spot on with game tourneys
4/16 c108 3Sacredstar Mentor
Pacifica you never went to an arcade before huh? Although it was a game tournament with Gravity Falls best. Also I think Tad Strange is either a bunch of gnomes again (or that crazy wizard who wants revenge). Who want Pacifica this time, as there new gnome queen. Instead of Mabel, like last summer.

It looks like a good opportunity/chapter idea for Dipper to get some brownie points with his Girlfriend before summer ends for this young couple.

Pacifica you are an evil genius. You'll do anything to win in a competition.(That excludes cheating at least.)
Also I'm pretty sure Dipper knew that he wasn't gonna get his hands anywhere on Pacifica, when he lost earlier in the game, it's pretty obvious.

Also Mabel is technically right. Weirdness follows them everywhere they go. It's part of them, inside and out. It runs in the family. Because both Stanley and Stanford went on weird adventures too when they were Dipper and Mabel age. Maybe not end of the world with life and death threatening scenarios. But can't just prevent it from happening, just by acting like a adult figure and putting his foot down.

Also in the next chapter I can envision the Mystery trios being trapped in a video game. Maybe lightning strikes on the building antenna, shortage the arcade game Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica were playing and now they children need figure out how to beat the rumble mcskirmish video game. In order to get back home.
I can also see Stanley see this happening too. Feel regret and failing to protect Dipper and Mabel once again. Saying thing like. "No matter what I do, I can't keep the kids from harms way, not even the weirdness itself."
4/16 c108 The One Who Reads Too Much
"First the government, and now you!"

I feel like that could be worth a snort or a giggle if that was "I don't know what everybody's got against child labor. First the government, and now the children!"

Mabel totally deserves to be smug about that romantic setup. It was so audacious it looped right back around to being sneaky.

No, no, no Mabel, of course the Weirdness won't just happen when you're expecting it to do all the work. You have to wait for it to be unexpected for that to be expected.

And OF COURSE Pacifica plays just a teensy little bit unfair, hahahahaha. Though I was expecting her to go the subtle route, a shoulder bump, her foot bumping into his, that kind of thing, after oh so innocently scooting the chairs closer together. Pacifica is going to be in a world of trouble if Dipper ever learns how to flirt.

And as Mabel is ruminating about the day, somewhere off in the woods something explodes in a once in a lifetime display of beauty and magic and weirdness, unseen, unheard, and never to happen again. Pfft. At least, I can totally imagine that as the after-credits scene of this episode.
4/16 c108 3Mewtong
I still love reading these chapters as they come out, for all the reasons you mentioned at the bottom in your note. Keep up the great work at your own pace!
4/16 c108 3cindermane
Love the story. Reading it a second time. I plan to leave a longer, in-depth review when I find the time. For now, great job. You clearly know what you are doing.
4/16 c108 5Monkey D. Conan
Pacifica is evil...the best kind of evil! Of course, Dipper will have his revenge next time he’s accidentally super adorkable, too bad he’ll have absolutely no clue the effect he’ll have on her. The chemistry between them is just perfect and Dipcifica is literally one of the best pairings ever. Patience Mabel, all will be set right with world in due time. Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
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