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for Anyway, I've Been There

6/8 c117 2Mr. Haziq
Wow. Ford is almost just as good at hyping something up like his brother.

What are the chances Stan is talking to their parents?
6/8 c117 gmaabs914
Hi I was rereading this and thought that you would never update it. thanks for still writing this masterpiece!
6/7 c117 artfully
a normal chapter without anything weird happening. that's nice, I like it.

great chapter
6/7 c117 28EDD17SP
Still not getting notifications for some reason, and I’m lead to believe that no one else’s are, either, so it’s a good thing I just so happened to check if this story had been updated.
Interested to see what revelations that data might hold.
6/1 c116 Ki-tech
Great chapter, keep up the good work
5/23 c116 2willam and jack and jake
interesting very interesting
5/23 c116 Zero-Zoldyck
Thanks for writing this. I rewatched gravity falls recently and it always makes me really sad how it ends. I am of the opinion the show at least needs an epilog, but Ill absolutely take unofficial extra seasons. Especially ones that are as well written as this is.
5/17 c116 9Leech101
Just wanted to say I love this fic. It feels like such a natural continuation from where the show left off. The weirdness and threats are still there, but grounded by a slower pacing. Since it's not trying to cram everything into a twenty minute episode it lets you really give the characters time to stop, breathe, and consider the consequences of their actions. All of which really adds to the feeling that Dipper, Mabel, and Pacifica are slowly maturing and growing up beyond what they were in the show. It's the sort of story that I like to curl up with on a rainy day and reread. I'm delighted and impressed you've continued to update even all these years later. You're a real one.
5/16 c116 RancidMelon757
One of the best fanfics I have read and it still gets updated D [although quite irregularly) I have been reading this fanfic since 2020, during those strict house confinement times, this story has been my comfort read ) Another brilliant masterpiece is Gravity Rises by BrightnessWings19
5/16 c116 21MaxandFang101
I could reread this story over and over again. I'm glad that the conversation goes smoothly but that it's not necessarily an easy conversation, that there's tension they have to get through. I love that Brendan's dad is going to be the liason. And as soon as you mentioned that the chairwoman actually understood Ford's science, I was like "relationship?" And maybe that'll be worked in in the future. Love that for them x) I also really like Brendan and all your OCs. Each is interesting and growing on my heart.
5/12 c116 28EDD17SP
Somehow my notifications aren’t working, so I’m glad I remembered to check and see if there had been an update. I must say, your descriptive language in this chapter makes me jealous. I wish I could write so eloquently.
Hmmm…Voices from beyond…interesting…
5/11 c116 2Mr. Haziq
Well things went well
5/10 c116 durrendurrendol1993
did you edit the ending? when I first read it I'm sure the end of the chapter was different
5/10 c116 artfully
great chapter
4/9 c115 21MaxandFang101
Great chapter! I'm curious to read what you do with conclave in the next chapter and I'm so glad Brendan came back and is going to stand up to his father. They all really need a break though. It has been a rough summer.
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