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8/12 c126 21MaxandFang101
Firstly, you are hilarious to mention your story in relation to duck-tective fanfiction. Please note that I am sure Soos and Mabel's story is just as loved as yours and people will gladly read many book lengths of story about duck-tective's life and being sad. I am positive it is a hit with the duck-tective fandom.

I enjoyed everything about this chapter, including the little details about streets and where the elementary school and good sandwiches are. I also liked how you described the wealth descrepancies between Pacifica, Dipper and Mabel, and most of the people in Gravity Falls, through Dipper's perspective. Also the scene with Pacifica greeting the parents again was so sweet my heart melted.

Love love love this story.
7/25 c126 29YuniX-2
Aaaah, so cute! I really like Pacifica's relationship with the Pines parents. She clearly doesn't take them for granted. Their own kids could probably stand to learn a thing or two!
7/21 c126 2Mr. Haziq
Nice that she's nearby
7/20 c126 27Shannon K
This chapter has made me smile. It is sweet.
7/20 c126 2ScarlettParker18
I actually know what synechdoche means!

I cannot get over how in-character Mabel is.
This is the most perfectly in-character fic for Gravity Falls ever. It is so difficult to read other fics that don't compare.

Also, ayyyy! Updated at last!
7/20 c126 The One Who Reads Too Much
On the whole: oh my gosh that was so wholesome and adorable and cute and funny and I love every bit of it, especially Pacifica's slip up.

Ducktective show writers being as meta as always, heheh, but as you can see I certainly don't mind these kinds of chapters.
7/20 c126 1wgolyoko
:'D this is so great thank you :sob:
6/27 c125 21MaxandFang101
! Is Pacifica going to Piedmont? Or Gravity Falls? I assume Gravity Falls would be cheaper but I'm excited for where this is going.

All the stuff going on with Pacifica hurts my heart but the dialogue between her and her mother is soooo good. Really captures them and their emotions.

When Soos stopped by to visit I genuinely started crying because it was just such a nice moment.

I like how you've had the last three chapters be from the kids' perspectives. I think that was a great choice to move them along through the school year in an interesting way that makes you feel like you didn't miss out on anything. Like it's not really a time skip.

Thank you, as always, for continuing to write this story :)
6/27 c124 MaxandFang101
Oh wow, gut punch. Mabel's thoughts are giving me sad, bittersweet feelings and I really love the way you write. So glad to be catching up on all these chapters!
6/27 c123 MaxandFang101
Poor Dipper :( I really enjoyed this chapter. You're going deep into exploring the trauma and I think it's great. It makes it all feel real and scary for them.
6/26 c122 MaxandFang101
So bittersweet. I will miss all of Gravity Falls characters. I love this story so much.
6/25 c121 MaxandFang101
Wow. Those scenes in the ship were so realistic and detailed I genuinely had to remind myself several times that the events were not real. That's partially due to me reading before bed and the reading jumbling with the dreams and partially because you are just a fantastic storyteller. I cannot believe Wendy almost died. I was so worried for her, even though I knew she probably would be okay, but what a scary situation. Such a great great chapter and it's really interesting to see how the ship connects to the hearts. This is an incredible story. Thank you for continuing to write it.
6/23 c125 29YuniX-2
What a great chapter! I think Pacifica's mother loves her more than Pacifica gives her credit for. She's just never had role models for how to be a good mother, or be any different than the rich debutante she was raised to be. I hope this is the beginning of some amount of reconciliation between the two of them. Pacifica is a little younger than the age where most people realize their parents are just people, no more infallible and no less damaged than themselves. But in Pacifica's case, I wouldn't be surprised if she was forced to see her mother's humanity a little earlier than most kids.
6/23 c125 Renegade Pizza
The worst/best part of this chapter is the feeling of Pacifica's souring view of her life at first feeling like what could perhaps be viewed as teenager angst... only to *keep getting worse* and more realistic. The way she's taken to treating/dealing with this fake life she's forced to live, feeling like her old one is this horribly addictive substance she has to hide and ration lest it be ripped away from her or *worse*, become even more starved for it?

The moments where she gets up and breaks her monotone routines of suffering aren't because of boredom or hope, but anger and spite, only for all of it to fade at the slightest hint of her old life? Soos gave that girl hope, and even still she has to ration it. It just puts into context how badly this girl has been coping, and even worse how careless her mother has been to not notice it.

Hopefully, she gets the one thing she wants, otherwise her mother is only going to insist on more stringent measures which will only ensure her desperation. That girl would fucking *walk* to piedmont or gravity falls from the other side of the country if she lost her comms, I'm betting.
6/23 c125 The One Who Reads Too Much
Yeeouch, I'd take Dipper's PTSD over Pacifica's depression any day. That's one of the hardest possible things to deal with, especially on your own like that.
Oh, did I say on your own? I meant with your parents actively working against you. I'm so glad Pacifica is at least able to get some interaction with her friends, digitally and rarely in person. She really needed that hug.
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