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2/5 c105 Fallen-AngelxNoNo
this was well written and a good ending to this mini arc, I have written it before but I loved how you did the atmosphere of the of the maze, (and if you need more inspiration or want to explore more of the haunted and/or malfunctioning machines genre and/or the isolation genre I recommend No Man's Sky)
but anyway I found the ending pretty satisfying and a subtle statement about the dangers of this world and that there is not always happy endings, which you have explored before, I believe that if this was the show, the father and daughter would of been alive/restored to life in the hole with Ford and Dipper and possibly returned to their own time or some other deus ex machina that makes them all happy and alive. I really like this story even though I am no longer reading Gravity Falls fanfiction (its more of a summer time fandom for me, winter is things like harry potter -no slash-, and star wars, for me while summer's last airbender and DxD). I find this story far to intriguing to pass up, (I also dont read Teen fics much on due to their the broken ads being put in middle of story, i can get around it but still annoying) so when reading the new chapters come out I ensure I read them, and you author are a pretty skilled writer, fanfics like this that are well written and the characters act and behave like real people are pretty hard to find in most fandoms, and even then they are not numerous, and in a smaller fandom like Gravity Falls, its a real rarity. Keep up the great work, this fic is extremely interesting and the relatively slow burn of dipper and pacifica, it shows that relationships are not perfect they take work from both sides to succeed. I can't wait for the next chapter and to see what happens next.
and here's a few questions, thanks for answering them last time.
As you said that the rating will not be changed, which I can respect and do understand, will there be implied content like that in the future?(when their older I assume)
Also do you plan to follow the characters all though high school/ middle school or will it be ended before then?
2/5 c105 durrendurrendol1993
Dipper its dead haha
2/5 c105 26EDD17SP
I knew Pacifica would be pissed.

Man, this story is just so freakin good. I get excited every time there’s an email notifying me of a new chapter.
2/5 c105 prager152
Holy shit I loved the two last chapters. They had such an ominous feeling looming over them it was awesome. I also am highly claustrophobic and actually felt unwell with your descriptions of all the tight fits, absolutely gorgeous stuff keep it coming please :3
2/5 c104 1AGENTDB2
love it! absolutely love it!
finished it; so now i'm re-reading
2/4 c104 Fallen-AngelxNoNo
thanks for the chapter and for writing this story and continuing to update it, this is easily one of the best gravity falls stories I have ever had the pleasure reading. you structure the story well and tell all these different subplots in the story while simultaneously telling what could be called the main plot of dipper and pacifica's early relationship and not making it seem forced, which can be hard to do. I could easily see this story continuing to their late teen years, weather it is all in broken into different books/fics or just being continued as it is now. and I loved the way you built up this maze the atmosphere you described has given a real haunted machine kind of that makes you wonder if you are being haunted or if it is just a malfunctioning machine that is still trying to fulfill its predetermined task. also the hologram was a nice touch, ngl I either expected the girl to be alive in some way weather it be time travel related or she just somehow managed to survive down there due to either magic or the glowing mushrooms that appear in most fantasy publications, or them to find the dead bodies near the entrance.
I also do have a few small questions, which I am not sure if you answered yet
do you plan on lemonds in the story? I assume that if they did happen, it would be later in their relationship possibly not for a summer or two.
Also is there any reason why dipper in your story does not go by Mason, could he go by it when he's older? I think you already answered it but I may be thinking of a different fic, and it may just be my personal opinion, but I think that Mason is a more mature name than Dipper, but it is just my opinion.
2/2 c104 2willam and jack and jake
well done
1/14 c104 6Artemis Raven Courtney
I had a bad feeling about this before they even set out. Always tell someone where you’re going!
1/14 c104 The One Who Reads Too Much
Whelp, time to roll for San damage. At least he didn't find her desiccated corpse, as I was expecting.
The procedural generation and slight self-correcting aspects are actually really interesting.
Just to be clear about how the maze is orientated in respect to the ground:
The maze is completely rotated 90, making the regular floor into a "wall" and the two walls into the "floor" and "ceiling", with the regular open top being a dirt/bedrock wall?
1/13 c104 14The Wasp1995
Wow, that was...dark. I can only imagine what you have planned next and what on earth this maze will turn out to be. I'll leave it at that for now, but as always your descriptions are impeccable. I wish I could write much better in that aspect.
1/13 c103 20MaxandFang101
Well, I've mistakenly read this chapter to fall asleep to and now I'm wide awake. I love creepy things but I really need to stop reading them at night. Really great chapter and I think you just posted another one? Hooray! So excited to read it. Hope you're staying safe and healthy and thank you for writing this story!
1/12 c104 arga101
I think its safe to say that Dipper, we told you so. Last chapter had a bis of an ominous image and it's definitely amplified this chapter. I really hope Dipper and co will improve from here, as characters and as a team. Nice chapter, hope you well!
1/12 c104 durrendurrendol1993
Very scary
1/12 c104 1GuntherRiechwald
The last echoes of a lost soul. Truly, a terrible thing
1/12 c104 26EDD17SP
A projection of a girl in the supernatural maze? Isn’t that a conundrum... Very weird. Can’t wait to see where this goes.
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