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4/6/2016 c3 joepaul6
amazing chapter as expected :D. loved the way chichi understood just what danger Goten was in and realised that Gohan doing what he did was the right thing to do. Please dont listen to the people who want Gohan to age. you clearly had the idea of Gohan staying 11 as it was the peak of his character, you should not change your story because some people have different ideas. Hope you update this soon ;D cant get enough
4/4/2016 c2 Guest
please update this story soon :(
4/6/2016 c3 12Crystalzap
nicely done! I don't really think Gohan was weaker at that age as saiyan don't tended to lose strength (he still had lots of muscle after years of no training) but he wasn't really any stronger either...

However I LOVE the idea, Pre-teen Gohan was always my favorite and I could see Goten wanting to train with him after feeling so useless on the battle field (his first)
4/5/2016 c3 LpboyXlll
So your going to leave Gohan 11? Hmmmm doesn't sit right with me.. Just pop him into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a week and boom :p love the story! But I just can't get over the fact that he's staying 11! 4/5... And will you continue into the Buu saga? I hope he's not 11 by the time the Buu saga or the World's Martial Arts tournament comes around(if you continue that far). Good read, can't wait for the rest!
4/5/2016 c3 WineIXI
This is so good. Chichi actually has common sense. Good grammar and easy to read 10/10
4/5/2016 c3 18FriTik
Honestly I didn't even consider how Vegeta would respond. I was thinking about Videl and ChiChi which by the way well done with those two. I can't wait for the tournament to see the other Z-fighters responses not to mention Goku's. All in all well done!
4/5/2016 c3 4nimedhel09
Ermergherd! So many things happening in this one.

Okay, so, the aftermath. Vegeta's reaction. Wow, I did not see that one coming. It's a bit too much like old Vegeta, in my opinion, because in that part of the story, his character development is well under way (still needed that little push with the whole Buu fiasco, though). But I understand how and why he reacted that way. I just found it a bit harsher and more selfish than I would have liked.

The rest of the reactions, however, are right on point! Mostly Chichi. You understand a character and gave her more life and consistance than she had in the anime or manga. I loved it.

Now, for Gohan in his 11 yo body. I hope, I really, really do hope that he will get his adult body back at some point, because I think that what he should do, instead of just keeping that body, the right thing to do for himself and for his family, is to get his grown body back, go one day in the time chamber to train and regain all his strength back and train outside of it. But that's just what I would advise him to do, lol.

So, all in all, I'm curious to see what happens next! So much excitement!
4/4/2016 c3 1TS24
Great story. Truly unique and one of a kind. A really look forward to see where you take this. Anyway great job.

Update Soon.
4/4/2016 c3 RKF22
Really looking forward to the future
4/1/2016 c2 nancy103
11 year old Gohan might be a bit of a turnoff for Videl. LOL! Also, this is going to blow open the door on who really killed Cell.
3/26/2016 c2 Guest
I Will have to disagree with the previous guest as like the author says, power levels are BS. Most of them are calculations after frieza done from games or jump data most of which hasn'y been validated by Toriyama. Gohan was not even SS2 during the Broly Movie 2, or it is debatable. Most of the given powerlevels are thus non relevant!
You seem to be a very prolifc author Hikari-J althrough unfortunately you don't seem to update very often :(:(:(:( That said I'm HYPED for this story! Great work!
3/23/2016 c1 Guest
Poorly done Gohan as SS2 Outclass SS1 Broly.. Broly even knows that in the film when he saw Gohan go SS2 he immediately became LSS in response

Cell games:


Base: Over 14,000,000

SS: Over 700,000,000

SS2/SS grade 4: 1,400,000,000

Perfect Cell:

80% against SS Goku: Over 700,000,000

85% to overpower and pressure SS Gohan:765,000,000

100% against SS2 Gohan... But failed: 900,000,000

Bulk Pefect Cell: almost 1,000,000,000

Super Perfect cell: Over 1,350,000,000

Movie 8

Lss Broly: Around 1,400,000,000

Movie 10:


Base: Over 16,500,000

SS: Over 825,000,000

Legendary/Mutant SS: Over 1,650,000,000

Gohan(slack off):

Base: Over 12,000,000

SS: 600,000,000

SS2/SS grade 4: Over 1,200,000,000
3/23/2016 c2 LpboyXlll
I like it, but I think you shouldn't have broughten back Teen Gohan. Maybe just brought back his power/instincts/skills. Making Gohan 11 years old again? Idk.. Seems a little too much don't ya think? Great story tho, that was my only dislike about it all tbh. 4/5
3/23/2016 c2 RKF22
Great work can't wait for more
3/23/2016 c2 18FriTik
Well in light of how that ended I think there is only one thing I can say.
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