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for Ben 10: Justice Incarnate

4/30/2023 c4 Silverwingzz
Ewww, why’d you use omniverse version of rath with the costume. I’ve always thought that it made him look stupid.
4/27/2023 c18 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
just binged this and its great
4/16/2023 c16 Ultimate alien
Yeah if you're taking this fanfic seriously what's going to happen with poison ivy because she was part of the injustice league in the young Justice series.
4/12/2023 c18 Guest W
HAHAHAHA! XD That was so freaking funny!

Good job Firestorm! Chesire's reaction is comedy gold! :) Keep up the good work.

4/5/2023 c18 ConfusedSage
Why do you keep writing the future and then flashing back to what happened. It's annoying to read the after effects before it ever happens! You are otherwise a rather good writer, though I wish you would spend more time on Ben without switching to random people and bad guys ever five seconds.
3/17/2023 c18 alonsopenalva8
continua con el fic por favor
2/26/2023 c10 temp paleoboy
green fire pyronite
2/26/2023 c16 temp paleoboy
I wonder if ben had kids in this would they have power from some of his alien forms
2/25/2023 c1 temp paleoboy
I really like the ben x fire x ice thing you had going
2/22/2023 c18 Wanderer of Fortuna
How is the most competent villain there the one who understands the situation the least?
2/22/2023 c10 2aquilesvr
good idea to put young justice
2/22/2023 c10 aquilesvr
I love your work, I think Mr. Smudi's work is very good (he is trying to make a franchise with Ben as CEO) I write this in a translator because I don't know English very well
2/16/2023 c18 13ALPHA02FURY97
Please update soon this is good chapter!
2/12/2023 c11 3Dan the bluewolf
astrodactyl species name is Pturbosaurian.
2/11/2023 c18 8CCSakuraforever
Está muy bueno el capítulo como le va a ben con los héroes más que pasa ahora que chico flash está capturado más como le harán para rescatarlo y que trama ben con eso
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