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for Ben 10: Justice Incarnate

7/20/2016 c3 5Lycoan wolf entity
I gotta admit, you had a good idea there, making Ben create Mr. Smoothy's for the DC universe. But I gotta ask, why Fire and Ice?
7/20/2016 c3 5Gamelover41592
good job on this chapter can't wait for Ben to meet the League
7/20/2016 c3 superfanman217
i love this story
7/9/2016 c2 Guest
can you update
6/28/2016 c2 11YoKoChi150

Nueva lectora abordo! Yo AMO Ben 10 y Young Justice, y como fan de ambas no me gustan mucho los crossovers que escriben, es mas, he dejada de seguir muchos porque siempre son la misma idea "Ben ama esto, Ben ama aquello" demasiado romance, pero tengo muchas expectativas con tu fic!

Yo quisiera escribir mi propia idea original de crossover de ambas, pero no me siento preparada. ¿Te has dado cuenta de lo parecidos que son Tal Jordan y Ben? Se me ocurrió la idea de fusionar la universos, que Hal sea padre de Ben, y Carly (El padre de Ben se llama Carl por lo que le cambie el genero) la madre de Ben lo dejo solo con Hal para vivir su vida como Anodite. Hal termina cómo padre soltero, en uno de sus viajes Ben se cuela a Oa. Rápido resumen: Ben se perdido en Oa y termina encontrando el Omnitrix. El resto aun no lo se.
6/11/2016 c1 max
cool story
5/30/2016 c2 4Da-Awesom-One
Ok, this is a new twist on Ben 10, with a very original and plausible explanation for how he is in the Young Justice universe. I also like how you kept outcome of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien as the main point for this fic. A lot of what happened in Omniverse made absolutely no sense to me realistically. And while, yes, it is a cartoon, even a guy like Ben can take a step back and say "Heck no" to some things.

(I like how you mentioned the distinction of black holes and wormholes. I just lesrned this last week in class. XP)

Still, I wonder what happened to the other Ben clone? I guess only time will tell.

You've caught my attention with this fic, and although it needs some proofreading in some parts, it looks to be promising.

Hope you update soon!
5/27/2016 c2 5Gamelover41592
this has potential let's see where this goes
5/25/2016 c2 Timekeeper60
This is a really cool story. Nice job so far, can't wait for the next update!
5/21/2016 c2 25SpikedTankedmaster300
Awesome what if he scanned brainiac or dark side or Martian man hunter
5/19/2016 c2 7KingSora3
Can. Not. Wait. For. The. Next. UPDATE! This chapter is awesome!
5/19/2016 c1 KingSora3
Love it! Love it! Especially that Sonic X reference!
5/18/2016 c2 DragonSoul28
As far as i can remember, when ben goes to other dimension he doesn't lose connection to primus, he didn't in the generator rex x-over, although i don't know if it counts as cannon, nor when he traveled to other dimensions in omnivers, though that might be because those worlds had their own version of primus, anyway, Great story so far and i can't wait to see more of it. One thing i usually dislike in a ben10 x-over, especially in this universe, is when he gets no new alien, when there is a plethora of new life forms, and from what i can see in your responses to your review, you are not going that route, so bonus points and a cyber cookie to you :)
5/18/2016 c2 timijaf
Great chapter can't wait for next one
5/18/2016 c2 EnigmaWriter21
A very attention-grabbing spin on the arrival to a new dimension. Too many stories involving 'time & space grenades', magic portals going haywire, the watch 'detonates' with the watch and Ben still intact... this version... this is impressive & out of the ordinary! If this Ben is a clone, will he have access to master control? ultimate forms? his DNA scanner? Will the Professor of Time & Dimensions, Paradox be able to reach him? So many questions, and your only on the second chapter, so you know I am hooked
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