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16h c35 Guest
Please start book 2 please
6/17 c35 10lovesmesomedanilalol
Are you going to put book 1 & 2 together or separate?
6/15 c35 4BookDreamer98
Oh DAMNNNNN that cliffhanger! They sure can’t catch a break.
6/15 c35 36Miz.Trei
Oh no! You can’t!
6/15 c35 rose4eva76
This is such a great story and now you tease with a book 2. Yes!
6/15 c35 stardreamer26086
Oh don't leave us hanging. Please update as soon as possible. Have to have them safe and warn and tell Abe and the brothers. Loved the chapter please continue to update can't wait for more.
6/15 c35 2love you sooo much
Amazing story!
Love this so much!
Can't wait for the next book. But please for the next book add some Christian and Lissa love more too.
6/15 c35 Guest
Now will we get to see bad ass Mama and Papa bear. I want to see more of the "Reaper " and Rose in her most bad ass form, they have a baby that needs protecting now. Why did Dimitri have blood on his shirt? And I would love to read a story where Randall has repented and wants to now protect his family like he always should have. Maybe he will have a soft spot for Roza and his granddaughter.
6/14 c35 Rose Belikov H
Kinda sad you skipped so much of Rose being pregnant but good chapter.
6/14 c35 Honeybee1496
Still my favorite story! I can’t wait to see what happens next! Good chapter and cliffhanger!
6/14 c35 Guest
haha, I can totally imagine Rose swearing like a sailor. Too bad, she didn't get to throw a stake at Dimitri's head. That would have been fun.
Love your work. Any ideas about the update? Please let us know.
6/14 c35 Guest
The beginning had me joked out, you can't just be pulling guns out in the grocery store lol even Walmart has standards of etiquette, and that's the bottom of the barrel haha
6/14 c35 annabeth rose granger
oh I love this ...its everything i hoped for and more 3
6/14 c35 Dr3amland
Oh cruel fate is right! Surprise Dad appearance and mad Italians as a Cliff hanger ending has left me with questions and wanting more. Great job! Can’t wait for the next chapter
6/14 c35 peggy
so good. can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens hope you update soon. i'll be waiting.
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