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5/31 c76 Guest
Couldn't Eggman create Sage early since most likely he saved a copy of Nicole's data when he found her and made her serve him. It could even wind up with Sage having all of Nicole's powers and potential and it wouldn't be the first time Eggman's made a AI since in the Archies comic he made a sentient computer virus named Phage.
3/27 c76 22jward
more please
3/25 c76 Guest
Great chapter, the Freedom Fighters first mission in saving the world from a alien invasion seems to be going well so far but it's probably only going to get harder from here on out. And their probably run into Shadow pretty soon. One question: is there a way to include Maria robotnik the hedgehog since she's a popular oc character?. Can't wait for the next chapter.
3/25 c76 carneyjarred
that was tight. i hope for more.
3/24 c76 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
3/24 c76 Guest02957
Awesome chapter! I love how you had Naruto, Nicole, Bladewolf and the Chao reacted to the FF Mobile Operations Center. I also love how you had Naruto and Lilac form a reluctant alliance with Eggman to locate the power sources and destroy them, which stopped the flying ruins. Will Naruto and Kurama learn Shadow's tragic story in the future? Will Naruto be able to help Shadow against the Black Doom? These are just suggestions since this is your story and you can write it however you want.

Anyway, awesome chapter and keep up the great work!
3/24 c76 HyperA2019
Any new lemon scenes?
3/24 c76 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
3/24 c76 Bia1230
3/24 c76 wrightdylen21
thank you for the update
3/24 c76 shapeshifter340
great new chapter cannot wait to see what happens next chapter continue as soon as possible please
3/24 c76 5Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter
3/24 c76 18Pinkflamingwarriorofjustice
how about that when naruto gets his time powers, he could recive a vision about cosmo and her people being attacked by the metarex and instead of them dying, naruto could use his elemental space powers, destory the metarex ship that ended them, save cosmo and her people, and bring them to his planet, so that they can live in peace with the mobians and be one step closer to the metarex saga?
1/14 c75 ayubayesha726
Awesome chapter. Still surprised to see Natsu transformed into a Mobian dragon. Makes me wonder if Wendy or any other Fairy Tail character will turn into a Mobian as well. Also hope to see the rest of the Black Arms arc. Really hope to see Fiona and Julie-Su.
1/5 c75 Bia1230
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