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7/11/2021 c60 Guest
Hey, will Naruto be in the Dark Brotherhood arc?
7/4/2021 c60 Guest
Will you include the Nazo unleash online video as a arc? It would be amazing to have Naruto fight with a villain where he doesn't have to hold back and go all out against.
6/28/2021 c60 Guest
When Naruto and Nicole return to the gameverse will he make sure the other don't come to completely rely on him and sonic so much that they can hardly do anything for themselves?
6/29/2021 c60 3Mark The Gamer of Grima
im starting to get confused on what the pairing is, granted, i havent read this in a while, but id like to know, though wont Naruto have to rebuild a Clan or something?
6/21/2021 c60 Guest
Hey, can you also put Sonic Legacy, and Naruto meeting Tempest the Dolphin who gets a crush on him?
6/20/2021 c16 1ZXAdvent
a break from a big adventure is a nice way to see how the world in the fic is in a peaceful time. Nice job for doing that.
6/4/2021 c15 ZXAdvent
The entire arc from start to final for the advance 2 adventure is cool. I probably said it before and I will say it again definitely a first to read a fic on how a video game plays out and you did it well as the addition of adding characters from the comic and make it part of the adventure. Nice work in this arc.
6/1/2021 c60 R reyes
and again my review didn't pop up. damn it. so still great chapter dude. so what other worlds you though have naruto go to. hero academia, Ben 10, blazeblue, Ratchet and clank. Avatar last airbender, one piece, Star fox, chaotic, tmnt 2001 ones are my fave. Max steel the 3d one, Marvel, or his home verse that he is a girl and his parents are alive, also sly cooper on his home the sonic game verse were he is living, and have neyla be haku as a second chance she dint deserved to die, and some of the ladies get intrested on him :3
6/3/2021 c14 ZXAdvent
Nice to see nicole have a different origin story in the fic instead of being canon. Makes it that the world in the fanfic version unique. Cool that naruto have a hero and dark chao.
6/3/2021 c13 ZXAdvent
Interesting twist nice to see that the comic book characters joining in the game journey even more so that they are joining in the adventure instead of being left behind.
6/1/2021 c60 R reyes
still sweet chapter dude. so what other world naruto will visit, star fox, hero academia, pokemon, rwby, one piece, marvel, danny phantoms, blazeblue, Ben 10, sly coope. no why don't uou have sly on sonics world i mean his and sly is a girl and neyla is haku as a second chance. or he visits another version of his and meets his other self and siblings and parents, or witch world and bleach too
6/2/2021 c12 ZXAdvent
I will say this like how in the starting its following how the game works and the only way I could visualize that is by looking at a let's play video. I say its commendable that you play the game your self to actually see how you want naruto go yourself ,that must took a while but I say it is a nice way to start. Interesting to see that naruto will take on the adventures in sonics place in the games.
5/18/2021 c60 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
5/18/2021 c60 Guest
Es interesante va a subir mas capĂ­tulo de las aventuras del destello naranja
5/18/2021 c60 guest
Haha oh boy you have no idea how much this brings a silly happy grin in my face to see this, may seem simple but it is worth it. I do say really nice job having naruto invovle into stopping mogul plan, with that kind of intervention there is bound to be an effect of that.
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