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1/20 c8 Guest
Man i love this story
1/20 c7 Guest
Shadow, Omega and Naruto vs Memphis Tennessee at yhe tilted towrers.
My life is complete.
1/20 c3 Guest
Wow. Sonic and Naruto. I had a big stupid smile on my face as I read this.
1/18 c64 ayubayesha726
Man, I'm glad this takes place after jiraiya death. No offence but I have a feeling that naruto would not be tolerant about his perverted antics in mobius. Neither would the freedom fighters.
1/18 c65 ayubayesha726
Will naruto use his talk no jutsu on Geoffrey st John and help him find his wife Hershey cat?
1/8 c2 6Spedyalarm
hmm. You should go over this with grammarly installed.
It helps smooth out the wording.
And I can't believe that I sound like a bloody Ad/Promotion guy right now.
12/6/2022 c60 cspann2606
Very good
12/3/2022 c69 SparkySparkpaw
Random thought I had, what would happen if Naruto gained some of Dark Gaia's powers like Sonic did in Sonic unleashed?
12/3/2022 c69 Dasgun
12/3/2022 c69 Bia1230
12/2/2022 c69 wrightdylen21
I hope that blade wolf will be a companion for naruto like he was for Raiden also thanks for the update
12/2/2022 c68 ayubayesha726
Will julie-su(archieverse) develop feelings for naruto and decide to go with him ? Also, I can also see his reaction when julie-su tells him her sad past. I have a feeling he will have some words to say to lien-da about her treatment of julie-su.
12/2/2022 c69 ayubayesha726
Can you do this story's a reading story ?
12/2/2022 c69 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
12/2/2022 c69 NightfoxXIII
Any chance you could update more frequently? not being able to read more than a chapter for a month or two or three at a time is taking the magic out of it. i love this storythe world you've put together so much.
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