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11/22/2023 c74 18Pinkflamingwarriorofjustice
in you sonic x naruto crossover story, have you ever thought of adding tail concerto and its game in it as an arc?
11/16/2023 c74 Guest
Is there any chance that Rivet from ratchet and clank rift apart could appear since they could fit in with the cast and maybe she could be in the harem?
9/25/2023 c33 SacredKoopa
Darn it! I was really happy to see Blake Belladonna on the harem list, only to see that she was removed. Really hoping that Blake gets brought back into the harem at some point, she's probably one of my favorite RWBY characters of all time (and I'm sure some people will agree with me on that).
8/31/2023 c74 Guest
It is too bad the another girls didn't go to the beach. They might passed out from seeing Naruto in his swimsuit. Will it be pretty funny if they see it?
8/26/2023 c74 ayubayesha726
Cool chapter. That vixen was fiona, wasn't it ? By the way, will we see julie-su in the story ? I really hope to see her again. After all, she is included in naruto's harem.
8/17/2023 c13 Nexus38
Can Surge the Tenrec and Kitsunami the Fennec be involved in this story? I feel like Kit could see Naruto as an older brother
8/16/2023 c74 Guest
Will Naruto eventually tell knuckles what he learned about the Echidnas?
8/10/2023 c73 arkhos tou aikar
The use of 'banbutsu sozo/creation of all things' was used correctly, but it can do more than just heal or give life but make objects or anything Naruto needs ether food liquids or items.
8/7/2023 c72 Dyllon Wormley
Wait doesn't this mean that his foxfire now has the same properties as Armament Haki from One Piece?
8/7/2023 c74 Jonathan
Oh I’m so hyped to see how the Black arms invasion will go with Naruto involved. Curious who the vixen is and how she’ll deal with the Blacks arms attack, all the while missing her memories.
Can’t wait for the next chapter to find out what happens next.
8/3/2023 c74 Fenrir Ink
very good
8/1/2023 c74 HZ-EL PEPE
Duda Zeta the echidna estara en el harem ?
8/1/2023 c74 Guest
Me gustó mucho
7/31/2023 c74 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
7/31/2023 c74 Guest02957
Awesome chapter! I love how you had Nicole, Carol, and Lilac blush at how ripped Naruto is. I also love how you had the Gossamer Clan warm Naruto that the Black Doom is coming. Will Naruto and Kurama learn Shadow’s tragic story in the future? Will Naruto be able to help Shadow against the Black Doom? These are just suggestions since this is your story and you can write it however you want.

Anyway, awesome chapter and keep up the great work!
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