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7/28/2023 c73 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue with your Cosmic Odyssey (Red Version) story please.
7/28/2023 c73 5Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter
7/28/2023 c73 gonzod1995
I never thought I see the day, when naruto Uzumaki takes the fashion world by storm, all for a small favor from honey the cat
7/28/2023 c73 shapeshifter340
A great new chapter cannot wait to see what happens next. continue as soon as possible please
7/25/2023 c72 arkhos tou aikar
Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

the chakra natures from birth with are:

futon/wind and suiton/water - from kushina

katon/fire raiton/lightning futon - from minato

trained as a shinobi with these 2 fundamental elements:

Yin Release/light

Yang Release/dark

bijuu gifted are:

suton/sand and jiton/magnet - from shukaku

yoton/lava - from son goku

futton/boil - from kokuo

korton/Sangoton - from isobu

santon/acid - from saiken

Sumiton/ink - from gyuki

also kurama has not elements if you kitsune lore that they have more than that (even the anime only he had fire and wind)

enton/blaze - from matatabi but her flame color is much hotter with blue to purple to black
from hagoromo are:

Onmyōton/yin and yang Release

even post war arc he still keeps the rikudo senin/sage of six paths chakra also he can still make gudodama, as they are kekkai tota/advanced elements like hyoton or yoton also Jinton/swift is a elemental mixs so he has to make those again with his own chakra.

as for fuin/seals he can learn hiraishin/flying raijin because kurama's yin half has memories of minato so it's possible and from kushina he knows a lot of it and mito too.

if naruto is having an issue he still has what he got from the 8 as 5 chakra elements are unlocked and advanced ones

as for the 4 other elements the 8 opened him to wide possibilities good luck
7/15/2023 c71 arkhos tou aikar
I will give in valuable help on how Naruto can get other elements

Short answer: he did in the war arc

Long answer: he has all nature elements like all 5 from the other 8 bijuu also his parents had elements too, 2 from kushina and 3 from Minato.

Will explain in the next review also he still has rikudo senin/Sage of six paths just with the sun seal so he can't do banbutsu sozo or creation of all things aka the cheat jutsu
6/23/2023 c72 Guest
Will Scourge and his team the destructix reappear in future chapters? They seem like they could be interesting recurring villains and their stories were left unfinished in the archie comics.
6/23/2023 c72 Guest
Does this story have a TV trope page?
6/15/2023 c1 Guest
I was thinking about a Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto crossover and not just the original series but all the to Link-Vrans
6/11/2023 c72 Guest
Awesome chapter, Naruto defeating the iron king on his own and teaching him what it means to be afraid was amazing and teaming up with Nicole to take the Iron queen down for their last fight in the comicverse was a nice finishing touch. And after saying their goodbyes we're back in the gameverse. Can't wait to see where we go from here. Questions, will you be including sonic riders and nazo unleashed and will Nicole be able to turn her bits into dragoons like from the Providence Gundam, Legend Gundam, and the Strike Freedom Gundam and will she be able to form wings of light like the Destiny Gundam and the Strike Freedom Gundam?
6/9/2023 c72 Guest
Love how chapter 71 turned out as it was a nice point to end the sega adventure and to return the original plot. Can’t wait to see how the next chapters progress. Will we see more relationship development with Naruto and the girls? What adventure awaits next?
6/8/2023 c72 Law
Thanks man for this awesome chapter I hope for an update soon and also when will naruto ever be going six paths sage mode aging or will he?
But still I hope u continue this story and thanks for a great read and keep it up.
6/5/2023 c72 Guest02957
Awesome chapter! I’m sorry that I didn’t review this story yesterday. My new job starts at 7:00 in the morning so I had to go to bed early and get up at 5:00. I love how you had Naruto use his foxfire to do actual damage to the Iron King. I also love how you had Sonic ask Sally if it’s too late to Naruto and Nico back as their presence made Hamlin keep his mouth shut. Will Naruto and Nico return to the Comicverse? Will Naruto meet the other Shinobi Clans soon? These are just suggestions since this is your story and you can write it however you want.

Anyway, awesome chapter and keep up the great work!
6/5/2023 c72 shapeshifter340
A great story cannot wait to see what happens in the next chapter. continue as soon as possible please really enjoying this fic
6/5/2023 c72 carneyjarred
so will black knight and secret rings be coming up next?
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