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10/15/2016 c5 Guest
I don't like WV's character bio. For one, not everyone has a temper. Most of us are good natured people with a few exceptions. We are proud, but we are not the tsunudere type. If anything, we are probably more like Alfred with a bit more seriousness added in.

We are also a bit reckless. If it's very dangerous we either have already done it or are going to do it. (Watch the Brad Paisely video for River Bank, there is a moment with a crane spinning a full wheeler over a lake... It happens. Then there is Bridge day, and our extreme sports...). Not all of us like hunting.

Rings? Really, unless it's a wedding ring the majority of us don't wear them (I'm referring to both men and women). I've seen a few men where a necklace or have pierced ears, but most of us don't give a hoot about jewelry.

Skinny jeans? Nope, the majority prefers either boot cut or just regular jeans.

Boots? Yeah, not always. Some of us are fine with a nice pair of sneakers.

And not talking about the Civil War? Really, we are very proud of our state and it's history. We have towns and parks that thrive on our Civil War history. Not talking about it?

Most of us don't care about the Wrong Turn movies and find it offensive... And we aren't too happy with politics, being called rednecks, or having people make horrible accusations about our state (like we're a bunch of homeless people whose children wonder the edges of the road. ) We also don't like people assuming we all have a deep southern drawl (We are the Northern Southern state. We have both depending on what part of the state you go to. Each has it's own unique accent.) But to not talk about our Civil War history, that's a lie.

If people bothered to do their research on our State, they'd also know we were enthusiastic about joining World War II. And that we have more German roots than English in our state.

The fairy thing is believable... We have quite a few strange occurrences in our woods, and given or ghosts... It's not too far fetched.

We also like our history, archeology (come on we have one of the biggest sites in America) and adventure.

I don't mind that he appears sixteen (given one of our State slogans is Wild and Wonderful), nor that he seems to have asthma. But there are just some things that are really off with that character.
10/15/2016 c5 Guest
Please remove this from the story archives. Non-story chapters are not allowed on this site, check the Rules and Guidelines page; Entries Not Allowed: 1.. Unless you wish to get reported, I suggest your remove it and post it to a blogging site.

Please remember to respect site rules from now on. They are there for a reason. Your announcements aren't the only thing at risk of removal. Your account may get suspended or deleted too. Doesn't always happen, but it does from time to time, depending on what the admins decide. Better safe then sorry later.
10/16/2016 c5 DemigodAndCompanion
I'm just curious, what parings won?
7/26/2016 c4 Guest
Will this story ever be written. When one day far in the future when this story will be written could you makes the pairing GERMERICA
7/18/2016 c4 Guest
Please update this story. Been waiting forever.
PrussiaXN Italy.
CanadaXS Italy.
Onesided America and Russia
7/2/2016 c4 1ElricGurl
It's closed but... When Are you going to make a chapter, and can we still submit oc's?
6/28/2016 c4 13KrimsonRayne
I could of sworn I reviewed for this story but it's not coming up in the reviews or my stuff...so resubmitting ;

State Name: West Virginia
Human Name: Aiden Jones
Native Name: Kitchi-means brave
Spirit Animal: Northern Cardinal (same as Virginia, state bird)
Birthday: June 20 1863 (admission date as a state)
Personality: Aiden is a borderline tsundere and one to worry easily even though he hides it 24/7. Doesn't like talking about the Civil War but stands by his choice to succeed from Virginia and becoming his own state. Aiden has quite a temper that can be triggered by things that easily annoy him, but he tries his best to keep it under control. Funnily enough it's quite amusing to watch him lose his temper unless he absolutely furious. When that happens its best to avoid him until he calms down. Also he tends to curse when angry or throw things too, another reason to avoid him. On the plus side he can be really sweet and is quite shy about it when he tries, usually playing off as annoyed and hastily fleeing so people don't go 'aw'. Yes it's that cute.

Appearence: He appears around 16-17 years old and is 5'7 height wise. Aiden has red hair with a hint of blond that is messy but stylish and blue green eyes. He has naturally pale skin with a bit of freckles dusting his cheeks. His body type is more on the lean side than muscles and dresses to fit the occasion. If its casual he dresses casual if its professional then that's what he'll wear, but he prefers casual (the type of casual that still looks stylish, not messy unless he's hunting). Has a thing for boots, rings and skinny jeans though...

Fears: Losing his voice(right to stand for what he believes in), being left alone and his temper hurting those he cares for.
Dislikes: disrespectful people,being called Redneck, civil war talks, his lack of self control and being left alone. SCONES!

Likes: tea, hiking and hunting, music and anything that requires outdoor activity. Has taken cooking lately and even though it doesn't look good it taste like its suppose to.
Magical Power: has the ability to see supernatural creatures, though he can only hear fairies, unicorns and flying mint bunny. While he won't admit it his main power is earth magic and is really in tuned with his land. He can use earth magic to control any type of stone or land and has a little bit of enhanced strength due to it. Due to his history with England through Virginia he does have a bit of England's magic but can't control it one bit so he doesn't use it.

Extra: due to being really close to his land he has had breathing problems in the past due to mining accidents and has scars from other accidents. Has to carry an inhaler because of this. Also doesn't have a problem with same sex marriage despite some past problems with it.

His temper is based on the tribes in WV. The biggest was the Shawnee/Ohio Valley so I made him quick tempered due to Shawnee tribes tendency to fight.
6/25/2016 c2 Please
Please update!
And to avoid disappointing some reader make the story Russia x America x Germany!
Otherwise the RusAme-Shippers will be disappointed if it's GerAme and the GerAme-Shippers will be disappointed if it's RusAme...but if they're in a threesome everyone will be happy!
6/22/2016 c4 hetalia fangirl
Please start this story.
PrussiaXNorth Italy.
CanadaXSouth Italy
6/20/2016 c4 tracy
Please update. I've been waiting forever. GERMERICA. FrUk. Spamano. PruCan.
6/7/2016 c4 johnny cash
Please update this fic. I've been waiting forever.
PrussiaXNorth Italy.
South ItalyXCanada.
6/2/2016 c1 Guest
Nedcan(Netherlands and Canada)
5/25/2016 c4 jojo
Please update.
PrussiaxSouth Italy.
5/24/2016 c1 Guest
Please update!
And make this either Russia x America x China or Russia x America x Germany!
5/22/2016 c4 Guest
PrussiaxSouth Italy.
CanadaxNorth Italy.
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