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8/23 c49 Martyr Mcjones
Good chapter and story
8/21 c31 Martyr Mcjones
One of the best chapters I've ever read!, great story so far
8/21 c49 ChaoticChocoCake
Very few stories don't require me to reread upon a new chapter upload, but everything happening here is so burned in my mind and I was so eager to just jump right in! I love this story so much!
8/20 c49 5ShadowedAuthor
This certainly didn't disappoint. After all these chapters (it's felt like a hell of a journey), it's really strange for most of the secrets to be out in the open at last. Entertaining, though. And nice to finally see some authority figures stepping up at last (Kaji and the Japanese military). It's just a shame that Shinji (the younger variety) couldn't be there to appreciate it.
8/19 c49 Ascandas
Absolutely amazing chapter. Broken Man, no, SHINJI. Remember your promise to her, remember that you will save her even if she’s the last one. I believe in you, we all do.
Anyways, 10/10 chapter.
8/19 c49 2nobodyreallyimportant
The Broken Man finally getting out and kicking things into high gear is a treat.
8/18 c49 Guest
Feel good to see the Broken Man out in the open!
8/18 c49 Bobberhd
You have such great writing keep working on story’s even after this is over they will be read
8/18 c49 Guest
He was very merciful to Gendo. Kinda sorry for Misato. Great chapter, the wait was worth it.
8/18 c49 Ghost Man
Plans and meeting the enemy, right?

One thing we can't deny is her love. It's sweet, really.

Yeah that was definitely not planned, but...maybe it's not too late to save her toon.

...well shit. Prisoner by MP.

Sheesh...did he set the core to explode? He at least one-upped Yui. "Oh, well time to go." POOF...human body again.

Crap. So much for having superpowers for now.

Man they're lucky he loves 'em so much.

No shit! Like...no...come on. Not my waifu! *sighs in relief*

And now it's got an upgrade. Very nice! Bwahahah! It's alive! Alivvee!

I get the feeling I'm going to like Hashi a lot.

...Kaji you magnificent bastard.

Damn that whole thing with Gendo was nuts...he should be afraid of the older Shinji by now, eh?

Shinji taught her love, and she was the very embodiment of true selfless love.
Gendo taught her hate...unbridled pain and rage.

So...Dr. Wily time? Screw that. I want Dr. Page...I want that woman to know...things
8/18 c49 3Rowboat Girlyman 1
You know I think this is one of the only fics Ive read which had everything kick off with STEELE, Adam, Lilth, etc yet not trigger the 3I and still have the main characters 'lose' (for now anyway). Very refreshing and I cant wait to see where you take it from here!

And the Old Shinji/Gendo chat was super satisfying, and Kaji was right about it being less than what Gendo deserved!
8/18 c49 1Arkadian97
The exchange between Broken man and Gendo was so satisfaying
8/18 c49 Tarn
Oh my... this changed the game.. Excellent as always and the stakes are massive.

Well done and I look forward to the next chapter.
8/18 c49 mdmnd9347
Did I just take an impromptu lunch break to read this chapter? Yes. Yes I did. Great work as per usual. Still one of my favorite stories.
8/11 c48 5ShadowedAuthor
I finally caught up with this story! I will admit, I was dissapointed that Kowaru wasn't in this, but the story is still excellent (and didn't really suffer for Kowaru's absence).

This has been a fantastic story and I cannot begin to guess what's going to happen next. Very exciting times.
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