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9/24 c1 Guest
Hey can you do this fanfic:

Akiho is the younger sister of Shiho and Akemi Miyano but unlike them she did not grew up with the Black Organisation and they (BO) don't know she exist because her mother used a special drug that was able to hide any physical or facial features like there scars are not seen except for the one using the drug so Akiho family only knew she existed. Before her parents died she was placed by her parents in a orphanage right before there deaths where she was fostered by a couple in Japan. Soon she will discover her past when she encountered Haibara one day when Akiho is 17 years old. This story follows the canon timeline but has it's own original chapters that follows cases that has nothing to do with the Black Organisation. Akiko will also encounters Eisuke Houndou, Masumi Sera etc and the Black Organidation will never know that Akiho exist and true identity. Also Akiho won't get shrunken like Ai, Conan etc. Akiho has her own OC love interest that the same age as her. You can skip some episodes of the canon timeline if you want.

You can allow others to do give you ideas for original chapters by using this form.

Detective Conan Fanmade Case Form:



Inspector: (optional)

Detectives: (optional)







Case(s) solved by:

Cause of death: (optional)

Injury: (optional)

Culprit(s): (optional)

Suspects: (optional)





Other Info: (optional)

People(s): (include age, name, appearance, gender, occupation, personality and other necessary Info)

Facts: (you know how Conan explained facts in the episodes you can give him facts to explain)

Note: if there is more than one crime in the case than use the form more than once from the Crime part to the other info part.
8/7 c13 thisisasecrettunnel
I am rather new to fanfic, but out of all I have read so far, this has been by far my favorite! I hope to see a sequel some day.
7/30 c13 Guest
What?! How can anyone say he is not guilty?! It is kind of cruel to end the s tory like that. But it was all in all really interesting
7/29 c13 Guest
When I read this chapter I remembered the Sherlock BBC chapter at the Moriarty trial where he is found not guilty. Even the actions, phrases and attitude of the characters is a faithful reflection of that chapter
7/29 c13 4SapphireRuby24
You hurt me. I'm thrilled for the sequel, though!
7/26 c12 SapphireRuby24
YYEEESSSS! I love you! This amazing chapter has a place in my heart! Thank you so much for writing this! But now I'm scared for the next chapter - enjoy it while it lasts? Is RUM coming back? Will there be a sequel? So many questions...
7/23 c11 SapphireRuby24
This is an amazing conclusion to act III! The part where Shiho kills Gin is spectacular and I love it so, sooo much, thank you for recognizing her competence!
7/18 c10 6Shelling4869Ford
Hey readingnotes,

I just saw that you answered my reviews - I didnt saw it sooner, ffnet is somehow messing with the notifications. But hey- I still got the alert for the new chapter!

And what a chapter! The action and speed was perfectly timed without that everything got too messy or missing any emotions. Very well done! I do love Ran's point of few of this... uhm, well planned mess , at least Akai, Sato and Takagi are handling everything well!

Oh and we finally got Shinichi's point of fiew, I just wonder what Kir hand pressed into his hands? I've red the previous chapters again, but I still failed to figure it out. I would say that Shinichi struggeling with the thought of taking Gin's gun is one of my favorite in this chapter! You've pictured him very well... even though I do understand his trouble, and I wonder if it's going to hunt him in the future. The poor guy really has been though a lot and that means something, talking about Shinichi.

I guess I've missed something- when did Shinichi turn back to himself? I know he did in order to record the videos - but a permanent antidote? I re-read the story again, but I fail to see it- sorry if I'm simply too stupid XP

I do love Ran's and Shinichi's reunion, even though there was so much going on you still found some time for romance! I am really sorry about Kir, I really do like her. But maybe she'll make it... maybe. The scene when Ran remebered when she took care of Conan was sooo sweet! I think Shinichi needs someone to look care for him.

Vermouth just cant let go of teasing jodie... I hope everyone get's out of there in time!

I hope moving your apartment went good!

Thank you for the nice chapter!
7/15 c10 4SapphireRuby24
I love the ShinRan moment- dramatic is great! And the business with Chianti, Korn, Takagi and Sato was amazing!
7/12 c9 6Shelling4869Ford
Hi readingnotes,

another great chapter again! I do love the scene with Shinichi and Kir... the poor boy T.T even though I would have loved to see it a little more from his perspective, especially his escape when Gin started to follow them. I wonder if Ai will be fast enough... and is Gin dead now?

I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
~ Shelling
7/10 c9 4SapphireRuby24
I really hope Hidemi is okay! Also, I really love how she helped Shinichi escape.
7/4 c8 6Shelling4869Ford
Hi readingnotes,
again a great chapter, I already wondered what you've planned for Shiho. I also like Vermouth in this chapter, even though I still dont know what she's up to, but it would okay if we never get to know I guess... she is a woman with many secrets after all. The scene with Camel was dramatic! I'm usally not a huge fan of him, but you raised my simpathy for him, even though he's very possibly dead now. I cant help but doubt that Sherry will be able to get Shinichi out- part of me hopes so, but why wasnt Gin with Wodka- what if Vermouth guided her into a trap without knowing it. I'm looking forward to the next chapter and I hope we'll see Shinichi again.
Yours Shelling
7/4 c8 James Birdsong
7/3 c8 4SapphireRuby24
You're not the only one who loves Shiho! She's so awesome in this chapter!
7/3 c8 Niftyhope
I'm actually sorry I haven't reviewed on any of the chapters before this one!
I really like your story! I think you are portraying each of the characters so well. and you have a very good balance with changing the viewpoint in order to get a good flow with the story! really looking forward to the next chapter, and I can't wait to see where this story is going!
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