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for The Writing on the Hand

9/7/2016 c2 Serena1989
This looks like it'll be a really interesting take on the story. I can't wait for an update!
8/30/2016 c2 Guest
Please update, I wanna know how it ends!
9/1/2016 c2 1Violet2971
Hi. :) Just saw this fanfic and its really interesting. I'm glad you're prolonging Jeff finding out that Annie is his soulmate. It makes it more interesting and I think it should definitely take some more time. In regards to the other parts of your story, I saw that you're using what happened in the episodes in which case I was wondering if you are making slight changes to it because it is slightly different. Troy's reaction, Annie buying Abed a gift... ? I just wanted to know whether you're making changes or trying to keep it the same? I kind of like the keeping it same idea cos then its like working the soulmates on your hand into the actual episode. But do as you like. Hope you can update soon.
8/26/2016 c2 Guest
Please update! You Re one of the few good writers I have found in this ship. Most people who write about Jeff and Annie aren't... The greatest. Please keep going. You are the only thing keeping me going while we wait for #andamovie
8/25/2016 c2 Sadie
I think you're idea is awesome, there aren't many soulmate fics in the Community niche so this made me crazy excited. I'm looking forward to your next chapter. 3
8/4/2016 c2 4Westcoast Witchdoctor
Nice to see you updated this!

Jeff and Annie are very, very, very much in denial, because they'd rather go the easy route than get into the nitty gritty of what they're potentially feeling for one another...

Duncan always the oppurtunist LOL

Great job and hope to see more!
8/3/2016 c2 Megannn23
really like so far :D just wondering is it anytime they, like say annie writes on her hand that jeff can see it? am i understanding this right? update soon
5/22/2016 c1 Princesakarlita411
Hope 2 read more
3/27/2016 c1 34CeleryLapel
Interesting idea. Great start... I loved the Ian/Britta aspect, as I always kinda ship them.
3/26/2016 c1 Loraw
Oh I like this, great start!
Thanks for posting!
3/25/2016 c1 4Westcoast Witchdoctor
Pretty sweet one shot, I liked it very much!

Peace and hope to see more from you,

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