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for An Addamish Potter

2/21/2021 c1 Miharu055
my bet is on either Blaise, Pugsley, Pubert or Draco cos she may have been either adopted into the family or married into it but none the less an Addams
7/31/2019 c1 17Child of Dreams
Blaise Zabini?
Or Pugsley?
7/15/2017 c1 iworshipthedarklord
7/5/2017 c1 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
7/19/2016 c1 Elfin69
This was great, it would be nice to see who she actually was with (if not Gomez) and how they got together.
4/13/2016 c1 Re viewer W
Is it the youngest Addams? What was his name? Pupert? I think he was just a baby in the movie: Addams Family Values. He looks like a baby Gomez with a beard.
3/28/2016 c1 Guest
Nice plz continue this
3/29/2016 c1 WorkerBee
I couldn't figure out who the male is but I imagine with the age of Dudley that they are still young. So if they haven't been in country for a long time it could possibly be Pugsley.

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