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for Blood

10/6/2016 c1 1Animekitty47
rofl cute lil story
6/18/2016 c1 11PagesofAngels
Haha! That's a rather amusing idea: an assassin who faints at the sight of blood. I suppose that's why his weapon of choice is the Punjab lasso. Strangulation and neck snapping don't require bloodshed.

Watch out for punctuation and grammar errors, but overall, this was an amusing little humor piece. :)
5/23/2016 c1 5Tie-Dyed Broadway

Yes. Headcanon accepted.
4/17/2016 c1 50MyraValhallah
Haha, well, he never actually drew blood in any of his kills did he
3/26/2016 c1 28Not A Ghost3
Ha ha!
3/26/2016 c1 cario
Very funny!

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