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for One Piece of A Whole

6/22 c1 Twin Mounds
Fuck I wanted more. Very cute very cute. Now I kinda feel bad for Nami tho
1/30/2020 c1 Starlord Master
Oh, nice.
4/30/2018 c1 Angelic LuNa
OMG! as expected author-san haha, simple yet stricking. haha I found your writing very amusing and it reallu make me laugh like I'm watching a comedy movie haha. thank you so much author-san.
1/31/2017 c1 6SwordOfTheGods
Short and cute. I really enjoyed it.
5/28/2016 c1 dE LuNR
It's so sweet~

Thx 4 creating a "sweet" LuNa ...
4/19/2016 c1 25Kaoru likes One Piece
Lovely, sweet story!
3/29/2016 c1 13narusakufan1985
This sounds like a really good story. Please continue. Luffy and Nami forever.
3/27/2016 c1 GiovanniH20
this was awesome good job
3/26/2016 c1 1LuNa Otaku Mochi
Ah wonderful as always this was so cute! And sweet! Oh and I'd love to see the one with the shirt. Thank you for writing. Yor stories are appreciated.
3/26/2016 c1 1kuro02
great chapter always happy to read some luna work
can't wait for more shots

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