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6/6 c22 gabrielcsph
I didn't read the last couple of chapters before, and now I got to the last one... Why are we still here? Just to suffer?...
By the way, nice chapter, and now I'm really fucking anxious for the next updates. This story is fucking gold, 𝘦𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 in this fandom, the majority of gamer stories in the DXD fandom are absolut garbage, but this one is well written and have lots of interesting plots and original ideas. Now I just need to wait 5 and a half lunar eclipses for the next update lol
6/6 c21 gabrielcsph
Ch: 21
Nice chapter, and I'm getting progressively more sad because I'm near the end and the history is so good that I want to read a minimum of 150 chapters, but life is not fair lol
6/6 c20 gabrielcsph
Ah yesss "finish him!" A classic.
By the way, can Issei fight his own golems for training?
The dragons are as through as a Fallen to hurt, and the other golems are a diverse group of enemies for him to train, and even if he can't get exp from kill them, he can level up all his skills, as they can improve by just regular use, and he can train his newly skills to be more comfortable using them.
6/5 c17 gabrielcsph
Ch: 17
6/5 c16 gabrielcsph
Ya know, Im re reading it and still I got hyped with the story and the fights, and Earth magic for the victory! Hope one day see Issei pulling a Toph Beifog on his enemies!
6/5 c15 gabrielcsph
I also didn't remember how much I wanted Nia to be killed from the last time I read it
6/4 c12 gabrielcsph
Hum, I didn't remember that he got that ryuken skill from last time I read, cool.
6/4 c11 gabrielcsph
Plot twist ~
6/4 c4 gabrielcsph
I like how Issei see the supernatural, as he doesn't have Rias to teach him about anything, he goes with what he gets from the system, which isn't much, so he has lots of preconceptions from pop culture and just guessing
6/3 c1 gabrielcsph
Re-reading it again because it's fucking good And I didn't remember the reference with the original gamer name, pretty good!
5/25 c10 agyekumprince100
issei talks too much nd he keeps doing things for free sheesh where did all the WIS stats go?
5/15 c22 Guest
When will you continue the story
5/13 c22 Guest
I like this story i am wating for next chapter i listend to it on youtube
5/11 c7 GL
I've never seen a lvl 10 do boss battles and I'm sure no one will accuse you of being a crackhead! Carry on good man.
5/11 c10 AlphaKenny1
I have numerous concerns with this chapter. When it comes to his own spells, he can only manage to throw rocks and fireballs, while Rias moves her eyelashes and gets cellular disintegration spell?. He's fearful of being trapped, yet instead of negotiating terms or proposing a trade agreement, he opts to reveal the extent of his value as a Pawn piece, inadvertently empowering his potential captors. Furthermore, he recklessly spends money that could have been used to protect his own family. Although we can predict the future storyline and romantic interests, Try to based is events on context of your own story.
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