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for Issei - The Gaming Gear

8/29 c18 liam90
don't you know you never split the party
8/29 c16 liam90
the bitch died, she thought she survived but the very next day the bitch died
8/29 c13 liam90
Here be oppai dragons. btw you have a typo for the dragon fist skill "the dragon fist is a technique that on those who possess either draconic heritage or a dragon-type sacred gear, as it requires draconic energy to be used." so I don't know if only they can master it or if only they can use it.
8/29 c11 liam90
god I love this story
8/26 c19 Liam
I love this, Please update I can't wait for just a few things, you know just a FEW, only like a million. for the adventures to meet the mastermind, for everyone to find out that Issei is , everyone finding out he has not only the gamers gear but also the boosted gear.
8/26 c1 liam90
I have decided to start rereading this every day until you update this story.
Day 1: Nothing much happened, it was my first day at my D&D and strategic gaming clubs. Created a dark(?)(not sure, still creating it) elf rogue that's gonna go assassin as soon as possible that's gonna be wielding a double bladed scimitar.
8/21 c19 1Currahee506
8/19 c11 codeninja676
I like the premise but interest is dropping hard 10 chapters of ratmen and Issei being untrusting to everyone? It just doesn't fit him as a character even if he's smarter i feel like removing or dimming the lovable kind pervert aspect of it changes him too much and is affecting how relationships could be built in the future.
8/11 c19 MichiNulVoid
i really do hope you continue this story, it is hilarious with a good balance of grit to stop it from being a crack fic, the story over all is super interesting amd i finished reading it in a day.
8/8 c19 Guest
the plot goes so slowly. Ye, the part with the dungeoneering Fallen is somewhat funny but then do you really care much about side-characters to care about their reactions and adventures much?
The part with the ratmen is somewhat whatever.
And the update speed isn't fast enough for this fanfic to keep interest in following it.
The relationships are almost non-existant. While it's great if the protagonist is interesting and doesn't do strange stuff like giving out stuff to powerhouses for free while not poweruping himself or while spreading every information about his own abilities around for free.
So far I don't really see much interest in this as a DxD fanfic. The Gamer stuff is way too oppressive.
But then still there the popularity so supposedly people like this.
8/8 c16 Guest
and he has sent away that suspicious boy together with all the girls..
8/2 c15 11Notsae
Should have slit the guard's throat. I see no difference between killing Skaven, sapient dolls, and humans; trying to act as if lethal force is any different against one arbitrary group of sapients than it is against another is frankly ridiculous.
8/2 c14 Notsae
Why does he still have that "Oppai Baka" title? He was going through one base a night, and there were eight bases; even if the two bases you didn't show the invasions of happened on the same day (which is somewhat doubtful given every other base took a long while to destroy and resulted in injury), it's still been more than a week since he got the quest to not peek.
7/31 c19 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter
8/2 c13 Notsae
Issei becoming a dungeon master is a really interesting twist! I hope this is as interesting as it could very well be! That concept has a lot of potential, especially if he can give himself female monsters as Issei of all people would absolutely want to do. Though, even without the lewd posibilities the aspiring Harem King would doubtless see, him making a dungeon and secret base in one could be a very fun side element (or even a central element if you were willing to go that far).
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