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8/2/2022 c14 11Notsae
Why does he still have that "Oppai Baka" title? He was going through one base a night, and there were eight bases; even if the two bases you didn't show the invasions of happened on the same day (which is somewhat doubtful given every other base took a long while to destroy and resulted in injury), it's still been more than a week since he got the quest to not peek.
7/31/2022 c19 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter
8/2/2022 c13 Notsae
Issei becoming a dungeon master is a really interesting twist! I hope this is as interesting as it could very well be! That concept has a lot of potential, especially if he can give himself female monsters as Issei of all people would absolutely want to do. Though, even without the lewd posibilities the aspiring Harem King would doubtless see, him making a dungeon and secret base in one could be a very fun side element (or even a central element if you were willing to go that far).
8/1/2022 c12 Notsae
Honestly, making enchanted guns with bullets fired by magic and with magical properties could be a viable path, especially if he can get a functional railgun and use magic to solve the problem of the damn things wearing themselves down so quickly. A magically enhanced railgun would put a hole in just about anything, and we already have man-portable designs that function as of now; all he'd have to do is enchant it to last longer and not need a battery and he would have a weapon capable of killing vastly more powerful enemies with a single shot (if a mundane railgun can punch through dozens of steel plates without slowing down, a magically enhanced one could blow off a cadre's head). Of course, this might be set before the first man portable railguns were made, but the principal wouldn't be too hard to replicate with magical knowledge.

No. You cannot do anything with a gladius piercing through and through your neck. That would sever your spine, paralyzing you instantly and killing you in seconds. She did not escape and she did not survive, period. Even if she somehow managed to teleport directly to Asia (which she couldn't have, given she'd be unconscious in seven seconds and dead within twenty), she would die before the nun could save her. Even her escape was not possible, even with the magic of the setting. While authorial fiat forcing her to survive an unsurvivable attack would absolutely ruin the story and it does lower the quality somewhat that she lived as long as she did, her not surviving outright does redeem some of that.
8/1/2022 c10 Notsae
Petty? He just dealt twenty points of unlockable damage to all Devils in his vicinity! If he just rapid fire shouts "God" as quickly as he can, he could literally kill whole crowds of devils like an aoe hail of machine gun fire directly into their brains.
8/1/2022 c9 Notsae
You've never out leveled a boss in a game? Scrub.
7/26/2022 c19 6MM007
I just read through this whole story so far and find it very interesting! Issei getting a chance to be a Dungeon Master is amusing as well...paying back the pain he's endured to this point is something I'm sure he's enjoying.
7/21/2022 c2 3Damien Evermere
fun fact western swords arent heavy at all its just that modern movies depict it as such for dramatic purposes
7/9/2022 c19 major wallace
Nice wotk
7/3/2022 c18 14InsaneSmirkingRevenge
Why would her sacred gear turn against her? He doesn't have anything to base that off of. Also he really should just reveal his identity to them. He doesn't really have any reason to mistrust them. Wow that gamers gear really does work both ways huh.
7/3/2022 c17 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
Ngl I feel like trying to nullify the effects of a sacred gear is useless. Not sure if I like the fact that it's even possible in this universe. As far as I know sacred gears seem to be part of the soul. Being able to affect soul type magic or a soul in general with technology is far-fetched in my mind. Wait, doesn't ryuken have a 20 second drawback? Oooh Anchor Howl reminds me of Log Horizon.
7/3/2022 c16 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
Just kill him already issei... You're quite literally setting up every person you spare to strike back at you. Okay good on him he's taken that final step. That said Issei's really embracing the whole judge and executioner thing good for him
7/3/2022 c15 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
Thinking of it, my guy really needs some kind of HP boosting skill. Even if he's not a tank, Issei as a protagonist is known for soaking up all kinds of damage and being able to stand up and kick ass anyways. Honestly, at this point with the amount of secret hideouts in Kuoh the devils really need to do some kind of city wide sweep to take care of inflitrators and have a stern talking to whoever set up their wards. Seriously he keeps taking on human foes with nonlethal skills with no plans on what to do with them afterwards. I get it but he really needs a reality check. Ngl it's kind of ironic that he calls Rokka genocidal here considering what he's done to the ratmen. If he keeps taking on these kind of bases with flight risks he needs some kind of barrier to erect so no one can escape.
7/3/2022 c19 5kenmadragon
Man, I went into this story with high expectations, and it surpassed them. I've *really* enjoyed what's been published so far and am looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work SeerKing, I'm highly anticipating what'll happen with the Fallen's continued efforts to overcome the Dungeon's trials and what'll happen if Issei actually decides to face them himself once they've been put through the ringer by all the mobs, traps and bosses...
7/3/2022 c14 14InsaneSmirkingRevenge
He could just ask Rias to destroy the dagger and then tell them what it was if he doesn't trust them. Okay seriously, if it's so widely known that Kokabiel is going his own way with his faction why hasn't azazel taken care of him yet? Side note I think it's hilarious that the older sibling Maous are so overprotective of their siblings but are hardly ever present to actually do anything to help them
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