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7/3/2022 c14 14InsaneSmirkingRevenge
He could just ask Rias to destroy the dagger and then tell them what it was if he doesn't trust them. Okay seriously, if it's so widely known that Kokabiel is going his own way with his faction why hasn't azazel taken care of him yet? Side note I think it's hilarious that the older sibling Maous are so overprotective of their siblings but are hardly ever present to actually do anything to help them
7/3/2022 c13 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
How is Snickch getting more ratmen? Issei wiped out all of their burrows and the assassin's disciples. Wait wtf a 20 second drawback on ryuken? Jeez. Adding onto that why does it have the (instant) modifier?
7/3/2022 c12 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
Um... Pretty positive that fallen angels can't teleport like that. Especially for this one that was certainly using more than a lot of magic to kill issei. If she comes back I'm going to be a little frustrated. It feels like too many enemies have gotten away from him. And with this one knowing ab the sacred gears he has that's like a death sentence. Oh nevermind she's dead lmao. A little intrigued by the fact that raynare seems to be working for azazel but knows ab kokabiel. Pretty sure usually she's tricked into working for kokabiel. If she knows ab koka than azazel should as well. And given how azazel wants peace he would have killed kokabiel for treason.
7/3/2022 c11 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
You know it's kind of funny, I just realized the memo's are part of the system generated by the gamers gear. How does he know who the head scientist is? Can he see titles through the footage? If so he should be able to see the killers title.
7/3/2022 c10 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
The prayer system is more a boon to humans than a curse for devils. Giving humans a way to defend themselves against devils was the goal I believe. Not just to cause pain to devils who want to talk about God. He really should focus more on the boosted gear at this point. Even using it in fights where he doesn't need to up the number of boosts he can have active. Also not sure why he's so hyper focused on flamberge. Like what was he gonna do to the purifiers? Politely ask them to stop trying to commit genocide? It's not like he can arrest them either.
7/3/2022 c6 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
Wait how does Ddraig know that they are sisters of the Maous? If he's been gone from the world for so long he should only really guess that they're related not actually siblings.
7/3/2022 c4 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
7/3/2022 c3 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
The real Mcoy? Lmao. Also it didn't escape me that they assumed that there was only one assailant. Why did Akeno assume they were a magic user? Wait so Lesser DC increases the amt of charisma it gives each level as well as giving that amt of cha? Also I was kind of expecting him to run into some problems when dual wielding, there's a reason it's not exactly a practical skill in the real world. Oh and there's a skill to counter that. It would've been nice to see him falter a bit though when it came to combat. Not taking damage necessarily but just making beginners mistakes in combat
7/2/2022 c2 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
I thought his boost limit was 3? Also he didn't get hurt at all from his first dungeon? That's kind of crazy I would've expected him to at least take some damage given it's only his second fight.
6/30/2022 c19 akhiro dragnell
continua next cap.
6/25/2022 c1 Foxxe
so uh...great chapter! I freaking loved it! but um, did anyone do the thing? y'know...the song...'cause of the line breaks..."IIIIIIIIIIIIII'm, stuck on a feelin', badapada"...I'll just continue reading now
6/26/2022 c19 bankleo305
Fuck yeah, this was an amazing chapter XD
6/22/2022 c19 Scimitar1199
a reader here hope you're doing well will you be updating again
6/22/2022 c19 3Shadowdoom10
I know you've probably already decided how Issei's going to be revived and what Piece he'll be, but I hope he becomes a Pawn, since, aside from the Queen, the Pawn seems like the most balanced piece. Not to mention it will continue the trend of his enemies underestimating him.
6/14/2022 c19 Guest
I wanna read more next chapter soon please
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