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11/4 c17 7Bloody Relight
You are not afraid to change things I respect that more than you know. I was expecting for Asia to return to that damned church like so many other authors do for no good reason good to see I was wrong.
11/4 c16 Bloody Relight
Oh cool he did sorry for re viewing early I was half way through the chapter.
11/4 c16 Bloody Relight
Should have just killed them all the rat men were more human than that lot and he killed them.
11/3 c20 ianrock68
Chapter was way too quick for my tastes but it keeps me coming for more and more
11/3 c20 TheUnknowableOne
Very exciting! I can hardly wait for the next one!
11/2 c20 2GenericCraft
Glad to see a new chapter, the base mechanics are interesting. it reminds me of Jujutsu Kaisen domain expansion and the rules that can be set there.

I think youve reached a point where you dont have to describe the dungeon crawling Issei does anymore in the story. More so a summary of the main things he gains or learns about. maybe only go in depth with foreshadowing elements like new powerful abilities, key improvement in stats or skills. maybe show milestone markers in your story. This could help with the clear issue of creative development for the dungeons. Similarly, to avoid losing readers with intermittent full status reports of everything Iseei gains, you can hold off and put a final summary at the end of the chapter. just a thought.
10/31 c20 Gear master
Yes finally he’s not dead
10/31 c20 1TheGrimDragon
I am enjoying this story very much and can't wait for the next chapter.
10/31 c20 violastrum
To the guest that commented about Issei showing favoritism? He already knows fanaticism can't be easily dealt with considering the group he ran into before so no mercy there. He gave them all chances to surrender. I assume he took the opportunity to kidnap mittelt because she wasn't straight up killed but knocked out. He would have done the same if Dohnaseek had put himself in a similar situation but nope. Don't read too much into it, just circumstance.
10/30 c20 1Beeswax2

Well done !

I cannot wait for more !
10/30 c20 kmfayb
Another great chapter ending of course with another torturous cliff hanger. I look forward to the next chapter to see how it all ended up, does Issei have a dungeon in his dungeon or will he have some sort of enslavement items from the gamer store? How will he adjust to taking care of Asia as well as three prisoners/slaves all while trying to look normal so as not raise any concern from his parents. I also can’t wait to really see this story progress with all of the different developments you have made to the story and how they will all change what we know from cannon. Keep up I the great work and I look forward to continuing to read this story in the future including the next chapter in about half a year when it comes back up in your story rotation.
10/30 c20 5Luke Dragneel
Definitely an interesting chapter, despite how short it was. I kinda wanted Issei to make the obvious statement of the fact they could have just asked(not that Issei would have accepted, but diplomacy is a thing they should have thought of as a means to either escape the current situation and come back with either more resources or as an opportunity to potentially forge a good relationship with one of the Gamer Gear wielders, especially the saner of the two, with the Grigori which might have earned themselves both clemency from their superiors and the possibility of promotion).

Still, I am curious to see what gains Issei's successful dungeon defense has granted him and how he will contain the three Fallen women. I do think Issei needs to focus his dungeon on gaining either another form resource production(such as allowing individuals to delve his dungeons for experience and profit so long as he gets a portion from its usage) or find a minion that will passively increase either the speed at which his dungeon can grow(or even minions who can produce other minions, to either speed up his dungeon's recovery rate or to act as cannon fodder or to be used as pseudo adventurers).

I can honestly say I am excited to see where you take this in the next chapter and glad to see you posting a new chapter to begin with in the first place!
10/28 c20 Guest
So glad to see an update to this fic. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

I am very much looking forward to the aftermath of Issei's victory over the fallen.
10/30 c20 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Very good story. Would read again when finished or much longer.
10/30 c19 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Issue isn’t reincarnated yet so it’s going really good so far, but I fear who will reincarnate him
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