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10/30 c20 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Very good story. Would read again when finished or much longer.
10/30 c19 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Issue isn’t reincarnated yet so it’s going really good so far, but I fear who will reincarnate him
10/29 c20 britton.lashley05
I need more
10/27 c20 yoto
bon chapitre
10/29 c20 redking2005
great work as always
10/27 c20 Dr. Dinosaur PhD
This and Gamer Naruto are some of the best reads I can here and I am forced to wait forever because you write so many other stories. Most of which I've read but don't find as interesting.
10/29 c20 5Yukikaze101
Wow. I was not quite expecting the chapter to end like that. This fic is a fun read, and I can't wait to see what else is up your sleeve.
10/29 c20 IsseixAtalanta777
Add Mittelt Lint Latia Ingvild to Issei harem
10/29 c20 30Manga154
This was such an interesting story! I can't wait for more! I wonder if the dungeon could be used as a training course for the devils at a later point.
10/26 c1 Guest
Good chapter, a bit slow in the beggining, also I noticed only the male fallen died ehhhh? Issei be showing that favourism not wanting other sausages around lol. Also while I like the doungeon I hope we get more fights with issei in the future, hopefully long ones like with the skaven or purifiers since I thought those fights were pretty cool. Either way I hope the next chapter comes sooner than expected.
10/26 c20 Guest
Nice chapter! Really hope you write another one soon even though I already know about your schedule, despite that I can hope!
10/26 c20 Guest
That was awesome can’t wait for the next chapter
10/26 c20 Guest
Good chap
10/28 c20 2KingPlotBunny
as much as i enjoy this story it kind of sucks having to wait roughly six months per update still looking forward to seeing how Issei handles Raynare and co
10/26 c20 ryujin77
i have ta wait another 6 months for the next chapter? ...i'm just gonna say it. Shit.
I really like this version of a gamer character and i'm enjoying the fallen being, well, humane. it seems to be a fairly common thing in gamer DxD fics but i still like it, question though, are Millet and Raynare gonna be part of Issei's harem?
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