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for Red Rose Nightmare

8/12/2016 c4 1DarkPhantom101
Omg I have been waiting forever for this chapter, but it was worth the wait. I can't wait for Erik and her to find each other again.
8/11/2016 c4 8peoniesandpasta
Happy birthday! *gives cake* Great chapter! Can't wait for more! :D
8/11/2016 c4 40sierra.stanley.52
omg! you updated! im happy! also is Brieanna gusta's mother?
8/11/2016 c4 NicoleR85
Another great chapter. I can't wait to read more. Please update soon.
8/11/2016 c4 1Angelofmusic46
Happy Birthday! This was an amazing chapter. I love this song so much since it really shows what he's been going through in the past ten years. I hope Erik finds Brienna soon..
8/11/2016 c4 17Child of Dreams
(blinks back tears)
Oh, Erik...
8/11/2016 c4 Mitsu-Drago27
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it's a wonderful one for you~!

Also, thanks for posting this chapter even though you're busy :D take your time on the updates, 'kay? Work is important after all, and writing is for fun, not something you MUST do!

Thanks again, and I do hope to see more from you whenever you are able!

Happy Birthday again XD but tell me the flavor of the cake~ ;D XD
8/10/2016 c4 6Carlisle Fan 22
Oh man I feel so sorry for him. I felt a tear form in my eye as I read this chapter. I know they will be together again. Keep up the excellent work and I'll see ya in the next chapter :D
8/10/2016 c4 2Prinzessin Mia
Happy birthday! 3 lovely chapter as always (: I seriously can't wait for Brie and Erik to reunite!
8/10/2016 c4 4LunaiWolfWings
I feel so sorry for Eric... You are doing great keep it up!
8/10/2016 c4 Skyla Andrews
First off - Happy Birthday!
Second - Yay! another chapter! I await eagerly for the next one!
Keep up the awesome work ;)
7/12/2016 c3 Mitsu-Drago27
OH! I didn't see that coming... XD
7/11/2016 c3 BlueSheepy1703
WHAT?! 0-0 T~T im so shock about the "Adam is her lover" and shit T~T anyway i love this story~ - it's so freakin good XD
6/23/2016 c3 8peoniesandpasta
I have no clue how this did not show up on my alerts. I'm so excited about this story! :D So many questions here. IS Gustave Brie's? What will Erik do to Adam when he finds out? And finally, why the hell can I not be Brie? I've never been so jealous of any one character. XD
Great first few chapters, and I can't wait for more!
6/5/2016 c3 25seasidewriter1
The chapter was worth the wait! I love the way this story is going so far, and I cannot wait till we meet Adam! I hope you update soon!
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