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for Red Rose Nightmare

4/28/2016 c2 Guest
update soon!
4/19/2016 c2 1Angel of darkness 1272
I love all the Doctor Who references! Oh, and Update SOON.
4/14/2016 c2 5Ezras Writing
Thank you so much for making the sequel! :D I love it already! I can't wait to see what happens next!
4/11/2016 c2 1DarkPhantom101
love it. poor Erik I can't wait to see how he been though the years in his time. hope you update soon and with many chapters (wink Wink).
4/11/2016 c1 DarkPhantom101
YOU made her wait TWO years in her time, before she reunite with Erik how could you. (crying face) poor Erik how must he feel seeing her there one moment and gone the next... or did something else happen? I guess we won't know until we get Erik Prov can't wait.


The first story was awesome but you did have some errors in it like a few of the words were put together and spelling errors. I think you know about that already but I just wanted to let you know if you didn't. love your work and more chapters plz.
4/4/2016 c2 hanzrob2
4/4/2016 c2 25seasidewriter1
I can't wait to read more! I'm excited to see what's going to happen next, once she falls back into the world of Phantom of the Opera. It's a brilliant start to a new story, and I've enjoyed the first two chapters a lot. Can't wait for the next one!
4/4/2016 c2 Meimei555
I know you can't update right away, but try as hard as you possibly can and then double that because we need to know what happens next! I mean we know, but we have to know!
4/4/2016 c1 Meimei555
I'm so happy, I'm so happy, it's sunny, I'm so happy. I love this, am loving it, and I know I shall forever love it.
4/3/2016 c2 6oakenlass
I just realized I forgot to review on the last chapter lol but I'll make it up with this one!

I'm so pumped to read this series! I can't wait to see how Brie fits into the story as a whole and to see more interaction between Erik and Brie, especially for the way things left off in the last story.

Man, can I say how trippy it would be going back to the real world? I know you covered a bit in the first chapter, but honestly it would be the worst having to adjust back to life in the 21st century and always wondering whether or not it was all real.

Great chapter! Hall of mirrors have always freaked me out; I can't even imagine seeing the phantom in front of me in one! Looking forward the next chapter!
4/2/2016 c2 Sonia pantoja
I just can't wait for chapter 3 I bet Erik will trilled and so happy to be reunited with Brieanna again and Christine & raoul be extremely happy to see her I wonder how Brieanna will react when she sees her nephew Gustave?
4/1/2016 c2 6Carlisle Fan 22
Cool a new chapter. I love it. You really are doing an excellent job on this story so far. I can't wait to find out what happens next. Keep up the excellent work. :D
4/1/2016 c2 40sierra.stanley.52
DONT LEAVE ME HANGING! I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! i must know what happens, i mean omg! i love this for so long and now that your doing it i don't want you to stop makes me sad when you stop...and annoyed and anxious and depressed and etc! a rang of emotions! i love it!
4/1/2016 c2 Skyla Andrews
On one hand I'm like oh crap! Not again! But on the other i'm squealing with joy that Erik is back. YAY!
I love the suspense, keep up the wonderful writing! I eagerly wait the next chapter.
4/1/2016 c2 17Child of Dreams
(eyes light up in glee)
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