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11/19 c63 Elizabeth
9/30/2022 c62 Numbervania
Good to get a spooky update for this fic today what with the witches being back in Salemtown and the monsters that moved into Mockingbird Lane.

An Ahp you say? Hmm, thought Nakry was a Mananangle from Filipino folklore.
Loved Lorelei and how she interacted with everyone.
Jack Pumpkinhead! Poor lad what with his head needing replacing. Maybe he can get some Gourd, the other pumpkinheaded scarecrow in town (Mirror Moon reference).
Chuckled at the mention of the landfill, if that's meant to be the same as the Holiday Junkland from Oogie's Revenge.
Anna asked where the wool she deals with in Arachne's workshop came from. Maybe it's wool shorn from some of the Counting Sheep from Dream Town? Yes, I've read Long Live the Pumpkin Queen, and the Hinterlands Forest is now justifiably a hub spot to branch TNBC into whatever other fandom anyone wants to take it because of the discovery at the end of the novel.

Skeletons swordfighting duel? Okay, sounds plausible just like the army that rose up from the ground after Jason planted the dragon teeth.

Thanks for posting and have a great monthlong scarathon.
9/20/2022 c1 5MaggieMangle
8/5/2022 c61 itsone00
Hi Corona, just gotta say keep up the great work! I was missing this story and got excited when i saw you updated it today. Yessss, I've been waiting for Anna and Ivy to meet and I was not disappointed with how it played out. Haha I would've smacked Marvel (if I found him) for Sally's sake! I can't wait for the new chapter as I'm sure Anna will be bombarded with questions on her relation to Jack and her new title. I'm sure Anna is going to feel very overwhelmed with her new responsibilities and training. Til next time!
8/5/2022 c61 jen
FUCK YEAH NEW CHAPTER This was so fuckin funny EVEN IF i wanted to die reading it half the time because of the second-hand embarassment. I appreciate a more solid writing of Ivy for the losers in the crowd who haven't read Tricked Out yet (sorry Aria). Love how Anna thought she was done and it was nearly over and she could escape and then they're like welllll actually you're a literal Princess now sorry xoxo
2/26/2022 c58 clmaria108
Please tell me that the story does not end here :(
1/13/2022 c56 Clmaria
I already want to know how this story continues(@_@;)
1/13/2022 c56 clmaria108
I already want to know how this story continues
11/22/2021 c58 Numbervania
Er, was this chapter meant to end once Zero leveled the assertion to Lily not to take his fireplace? Just asking because there's an "n-" that kind of left me surprised if that was the chapter's end.
11/14/2021 c57 Numbervania
Yep, this chapter definitely made me chuckle at points.

Good you have an Invisible Man as part of the council, my headcannon makes him as The Who from "This Is Halloween" even I know those lines were sung by an unknown "Second Ghoul" from the original script.

Always interested when new monster characters are introduced, like Chifte the female shapeshifter, and Auger, the telepath. Wonder who Jericho is though.
Thanks for posting as this is one of my fave ongoing NBC fics.
11/3/2021 c56 DarkSweetHeart1234
I love this chapter! I'm glad Jack and Anna are getting along better now 3
9/21/2021 c55 Clmaria
I'm crazy because you update again ﹏
6/27/2021 c53 Guest
I bet that the soul in the lantern is la llorona (the weaping woman).
6/26/2021 c53 14Aria of Life
Wonderfully intriguing as always! New mysteries, a hint that there’s other versions of Anna running around (which is so exciting - now they both have an image of the other’s future self!) and of course the same spooky background info that this whole story exudes. Who is this voice in the lantern, and what’s her fate? What does this mean for other spirits coming to Halloween? Love it!
5/17/2021 c33 Clmaria
I loved this episode, I can't wait for the next one!
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