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2/26 c58 clmaria108
Please tell me that the story does not end here :(
1/13 c56 Clmaria
I already want to know how this story continues(@_@;)
1/13 c56 clmaria108
I already want to know how this story continues
11/22/2021 c58 Numbervania
Er, was this chapter meant to end once Zero leveled the assertion to Lily not to take his fireplace? Just asking because there's an "n-" that kind of left me surprised if that was the chapter's end.
11/14/2021 c57 Numbervania
Yep, this chapter definitely made me chuckle at points.

Good you have an Invisible Man as part of the council, my headcannon makes him as The Who from "This Is Halloween" even I know those lines were sung by an unknown "Second Ghoul" from the original script.

Always interested when new monster characters are introduced, like Chifte the female shapeshifter, and Auger, the telepath. Wonder who Jericho is though.
Thanks for posting as this is one of my fave ongoing NBC fics.
11/3/2021 c56 DarkSweetHeart1234
I love this chapter! I'm glad Jack and Anna are getting along better now 3
9/21/2021 c55 Clmaria
I'm crazy because you update again ﹏
6/27/2021 c53 Guest
I bet that the soul in the lantern is la llorona (the weaping woman).
6/26/2021 c53 13Aria of Life
Wonderfully intriguing as always! New mysteries, a hint that there’s other versions of Anna running around (which is so exciting - now they both have an image of the other’s future self!) and of course the same spooky background info that this whole story exudes. Who is this voice in the lantern, and what’s her fate? What does this mean for other spirits coming to Halloween? Love it!
5/17/2021 c33 Clmaria
I loved this episode, I can't wait for the next one!
5/17/2021 c52 Clmaria
I loved this episode, I can't wait for the next one! :3
3/21/2021 c52 itsone00
Hello Corona,
Long time no see! I just wanted to say your writing is AMAZING and you are my number one author! I was curious how Anna's confrontation with the Fae was going to turn out. Now, I wonder if Anna just altered the future with letting the changeling live with her ancestors. Was this something Chakis expected Anna to do? I can't wait for the next chapter! Until next time :)
2/25/2021 c51 Clmaria
there will be no more chapter? :(
1/28/2021 c50 Jen from Discord
Arachne could stand on me and I'd say thank you.
1/16/2021 c49 Jen from Discord
Harlequin is so nosy and such a gossip, I love it. But now I'm concerned about where he sent Anna. Jack appearing in the shop and Anna knowing immediately because of the way Sally smiled was both hilarious and adorable. I also love the idea of a monster bake sale, such a random and mundane thing but I can totally see it happening.
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