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1/16 c49 Jen from Discord
Harlequin is so nosy and such a gossip, I love it. But now I'm concerned about where he sent Anna. Jack appearing in the shop and Anna knowing immediately because of the way Sally smiled was both hilarious and adorable. I also love the idea of a monster bake sale, such a random and mundane thing but I can totally see it happening.
12/10/2020 c48 Jen from Discord
The sass in this chapter is amazing. "Must be hereditary" omg. I do love a good chapter full of lore bits. Jasper and Zero gossiping is hilarious. I really do need to read Tricked Out as soon as I get the time.
12/3/2020 c47 Jen from Discord
I love it! The three cats are so hilarious interacting with each other and Lily is amazing, I love her personality already. I'm interested in Rosie and if she'll play a part in Anna's story. Jack's dream was really interesting, he really took lucid dreaming to a whole new level. I hope that Anna and Jack will have a real interaction like that sometime soon. The imagery of Anna being a decaying and burnt corpse is still ew ew ew but it's described so well. Nevermore being absolutely pished is hilarious and I love him defending Anna.
11/20/2020 c46 Jen from Discord
Yeee I'm finally caught up. I'm loving all the little moments Anna is starting to have with monsters, like her talk with The Creature. Poor Lily. I was going to try and write some predictions for what's going to happen next but I honestly don't know. Hopefully Anna moving in with Jack and getting finally taught things properly. Would love to see more of Sally as well, she's such a sweetheart. Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/20/2020 c38 Jen from Discord
Who on earth was that woman that gave James pepper spray omg. I'm so glad Jillian is finally talking to her brother. And that weird sound hmm very interesting. and YES NEVERMORE IS BACK
11/20/2020 c33 Jen from Discord
Okay this is one of my favourite chapters so far. I loved the way that Helga and Zelda communicated when they both realised Anna's secret and the way Zelda was so angry with Jack when she saw Anna was terrified. It shows how much the witches really do care for her even after all the trouble she's caused. Lock Shock and Barrell continue to be hilarious - even if they're really not nice kids, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Shock when she broke her ankle. Very concerned about Nevermore not being there and nobody knowing where he is as he's definitely one of my favourites but hopefully he'll show up soon. Jack's reaction to the shooting star was absolutely adorable. Him calling Anna "lass" was great too idk why it makes me really happy. And his slip-up calling her "Spirit" was interesting too, I wonder if he's almost called her that before in the Town and had to stop himself. The way both Jack and Anna's emotions were portrayed in this chapter was amazing, they felt so real and you could really see how they felt rather than just being told. On another note, I am glad to see Mark being mentioned and her feelings towards him being addressed because he hadn't been mentioned in quite a while and I wasn't sure where she stood on that ground at all. TLDR: braw chapter.
11/18/2020 c32 Jen from Discord
hehe the first Ivy reference. I was so relieved when the witches showed up omg. And Helgamine beating up Anna with her broom was hilarious. I'm so nervous for when she first sees Jack again it's not gonna end well
11/18/2020 c28 Jen from Discord
Oh I feel so sorry for Anna but the part with all the little kids wanting to see her and then the parents all wanting to know more about her was so cute. And Little Braid is a lovely character, she seems really sweet while also being headstrong. I wonder just how much of the story Zero knows.
11/17/2020 c27 Jen from Discord
Jack I'm gonna throttle you
11/17/2020 c24 Jen from Discord
Poor Wind oh dear I don't like that one bit. "Either you let us come or I'm never giving you children." made me actually laugh it was so unexpected, I absolutely ADORE Sally. I also love Jasper (from a few chapters back) I can totally see the Coraline influence.
10/2/2020 c13 Jen from Discord
Rick I do NOT trust you, you sound very suspicious. I love James' speech, though I felt terrible for him blaming himself for Anna's death. And I'm very curious about the angels and demon at the end.
10/2/2020 c10 Jen from Discord
I KNEW HE WAS GONNA ASK HER TO MARRY HIM wtf kids you're way too young for that. Reading how Anna got herself killed while saving her siblings was so sad but I really enjoyed poor Harlequin making a fool out of himself.
10/1/2020 c8 Jen from Discord
Okay so it sounds to me like he's planning to ask her to marry him? Even tho they're still teenagers in high school... hmm idk. Got to see more of Mark and Anna's relationship tho which is what I wanted in the previous review! So that's awesome. Sounds like whatever Mark is planning might lead to an accident...
10/1/2020 c6 Jen from Discord
Okay well I'm six chapters in and I love it already, Anna is such an interesting character. I hope that in the future (idk, I haven't read any further ahead) there are some flashbacks to her and Mark's relationship, as at the moment all I really know about them is they have some cute nicknames for each other and he seemed to be acting more like a therapist than a boyfriend. I absolutely love the character of the Gatekeeper, especially when he literally snapped his neck and then dove into the fountain it was hilarious. The moment in this chapter (6) between Jack and Sally was adorable, I can't wait to see more of them.
8/25/2020 c46 2DarknessAndLight665
Hi there! I love this story so much! It was one of the stories that was different from all the Black Butler stories I had been binging on for quite a while lol! I just wanted to say, I am glad you'll try to pick back up on this story! It is really good! And don't worry about the 45 chapters! I've read stories that are much, much longer and pretty darn good and interesting! THIS is an interesting story and concept and I cannot WAIT for your return! I hope you get back into the swing of things by your projected timeline that you've given yourself! Take care of yourself during this crazy time! ~DarknessAndLight665
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