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for Harry Potter: Neko's Mate

2/6 c6 Bronze
Well, this was no surprise. Fumblemort can't be trusted with anything living or dead. He's had power for so long he believes himself infallible. Though it seems if he has his way the entire world will be so far back the Dark Ages will be centuries in that future! He believes that nobody's caple of seeing and understanding the big picture but himself. Oh, he'll listen to others' opinions but only just that! Listen not let them influence his thinking nor beliefs. And that's where he's failed the future. Though to him, it seems the future lies in the past. Meaning those with the wealth rule over everyone else.
2/5 c5 Bronze
Oh, she is not gonna like this! You just know ol' Fumblemort has been erasing and compelling her for some time.
2/5 c4 Bronze
As I said last chapter, Fumblemort wants his weapon. He really doesn't care if Harry/Rose dies in a battle with Riddle just as long as he/she weakens Riddle enough for good ol' Fumblemort to kill him. He may also have plans for the Potter fortune. so when Harry Rose goes to Gringotts he/she should have EVERY Potter account audited to be sure ol' Fumblemort hasn't stolen the vault walls along with the money! No, I don't believe the old fraud can be trusted with anything living or dead. He's already proven he doesn't care about Harry/Rose's welfare. If he DID care, he'd've moved Harry/Rose long ago.
2/5 c3 Bronze
And there's the biggest problem with that goat raping old fraud! He claims to be working for the Greater Good but can't explain it or at least refuses to explain it to anyone. Thus I seriously doubt it's either good or great! It's far more likely that it'll only wind up dragging the magical world even further backwards! Hell! they're already several hundred years behind the times as it is! Should any natural disaster happen to the world the magical world would be just shit out of luck!
2/5 c2 Bronze
Well, Daaa! Of course, he's there! He has to keep his weapon under his thumb! Who else did anyone expect placed all those bindings on Harry as a baby?! He had to, after all, protect the abusers so they would be able to continue to abuse Harry. That old goat rapist is anything but light! In my opinion, he's the Primary Dark Lord of the mid, late Twentieth and early Twenty-First Centuries. Just how much of his history is true is anyone's guess!
2/5 c1 Bronze
Do you have any idea just how frustrating it is to be reading a story and the next day have your computer delete EVERYTHING you were reading?! That happened to me several times and I've lost this story every time! I'll get around five or ten chapters in then everything gets deleted. And as I'm reading many stories at the same time I can remember them all. I am determined to finish this story as I truly enjoy it! I very much enjoy your writings, sir. They're very interesting to read. Not to mention hold my attention.
1/17 c38 Flamarow
I enjoyed most of this story. You did a good job with many of your unplanned expansions on the story. It is too bad this hasn't been updated in nearly 3 years. Not feeling much hope for this cliffhanger being resolved but I'll give it a follow since the story was enjoyable.

Rose was an interesting twist to this story, one that I had hoped was going to be a fun addition. The scenes where she was "playing" were entertaining but I had a bad feeling about her ever since she "demanded", not reasoned, that she be the only one to ever pick female clothes. This chapter not only proved me right to be wary of her, but proved she doesn't have Harry's interests in mind. If she continues to exist independently, then I hope Hermione seriously tears into her before they agree to a better form of communication. Harry is also at fault for not chatting with Rose for 6 days despite seeming to have a convenient method though it previously sounded like he chatted with air and they swapped or something.

Random thought: Now that they have a room to potentially meet in, will Rose end up dating Harry as well?

I hope your interest eventually returns to this story as it has several good aspects that I'd love to see play out. Thank you for your work on it up to this point. Now to check out your other works. :P
1/13 c1 1Binarius
I think I speak for most people reading this when I say what we need in some new chapters is Harry to use his metamorphagus abilities to transform himself into a “false” neko to surprise Hermione during an intimate scene.
1/7 c38 scotmath59
Love this story Rose the little there is more this site has you three almost four yearssince chapter you finished the tale pardon the pun .So as always more please
11/12/2019 c38 8Jacob Phantom
Please update your story soon!
11/12/2019 c38 Jacob Phantom
Please update your story soon!
11/7/2019 c1 3renextronex
this is so damm awkward... well anyway you have some serious mistakes there, first of all, a quarter percent is this 0.25% not this 25%. Second, you don't say "very much magic", you say "a lot of magic"
11/5/2019 c9 2Kymopoleia
Interesting so far, and since you are still writing other stories as of today, there is hope this may continue some time.
10/23/2019 c5 Chyllen
Ahh now I remember why I stopped reading this before it's the split personality thing I didn't like.. other wise I would love it. I can see how a split personality works but it's just not for me and I think that the split personality is a wast of potential that could be used for other things like embarrassing moments or comic relief even more fluffy angst. But with him already used to being a her it really takes away any sting those situations might have
10/22/2019 c38 ajspdfo
You've gotta be kidding me with that cliffhanger XD
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