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for Danny Phantom: after the fact

9/28/2022 c4 2Xerzo LotCN
Honestly bit of a stupid solution sure it works but

It makes fenton from the outside look like a cuck
Who is being cucked by phantom and raising phantom daughter from his girlfriend
while his girlfriend hangs out with phantom
Also suspect that she and Tucker always help phantom
making him look like a doormat
from an outside prospect ruining phantom image and making fenton look even worse

Probably should have just come clean much easier

Kinda meh on the whole sharing her powers
Also obviously only reason tuck is with vale is she hot and he is a downbad simp
9/28/2022 c3 Xerzo LotCN
I kinda went into this expecting danny x harem
But nope solo sam
Dani is his daughter (which is fine and make sense but sam as the mom is different)
Ember and jazz are lesbian which is different (Rip that)
11/17/2019 c11 19Aces
I love this story. I cant wait for the next chapter.
11/20/2018 c11 wolfmonk
more please
10/19/2018 c11 2Peacelovefairy
Interesting not bad
10/19/2018 c11 VladimirVamp
Oohh cant eait to see if danny has the same powers as walker
9/4/2018 c10 Janelle22
Such a great story. Dani and Youngblood are cuties.
8/19/2018 c9 adamlawor
i love it
10/30/2016 c9 Guest
10/21/2016 c9 HisSecretLover18
This is an interesting story. I hope you continue with it
9/4/2016 c9 Invader zack
ok it is a great story i fucking love it so far
8/16/2016 c9 2LunaMoon132
I like where this story is going. Looking forward too what's next!
8/9/2016 c9 shroudson1
what up with youngblood
8/8/2016 c9 Valkerie13
7/8/2016 c9 3LoverOfPhantom
I love this story please writing it pleeeaassssse
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