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for The Ultimate Bender

6/11 c3 Guest
6/6 c4 sad beans
Wow would have been such a good story. Then, there was romance.
5/20 c2 CDBB123
Umm... Can't Naruto use henge?
4/11 c8 Yo
Is this fic abandoned?
4/4 c5 Silverwingzz
This story could have been way better but you decided to put him so far in front of the actual timeline that it’s boring to read. Everyone always goes for the same boring pairing with Azula that it’s tiring to read.
2/12 c4 Guest
Oh its a harem..
Yeah I think I'll stop reading this fic now...
2/8 c8 Kiweez
Update? or not, idk it would be nice if you still continued. The story was great so far!
2/3 c8 Spenge
Damn bro i like this story. Hope you update again. Or not idk up to u.
1/25 c8 juanvilumbrales
more chapters please
11/29/2020 c8 lavabeamlavabeam
wow awesome can we get an update?
10/28/2020 c1 3NarutohatakeNamikaze
Great story can’t wait for the next chapter
7/23/2020 c8 darkpegasuzz
like your story hopeor you continue it one day
6/7/2020 c8 loquendo 2005
nooooooooooooo yo queria seguir leyendo, como la vas a terminar ahi. tan emocionante que estaba, estaba increible justito aqui se corta la historia, que mala suerte
6/7/2020 c6 loquendo 2005
me encanta la historia
6/6/2020 c5 loquendo 2005
me encanta tu historia
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