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8/1/2021 c1 Cassandra30
Love it! Has Crookshanks told Hermione and Harry he used be with Lily? He should.
8/19/2020 c1 25stevem1
This is really heartwarming. Well written except for a few spelling errors which don’t detract from the story.
1/11/2018 c1 neweldi
Thanks, I love it :-)
10/11/2017 c1 Ice Demon Ranger
Love the point of view. Crooks has lived a very long life. good story line. Thanks for sharing. There were a few misspelled words though.
9/9/2017 c1 15Raiyah 27516
Nice one
8/7/2017 c1 sexy Seren
6/1/2017 c1 10Quileutepack.Seth16
that was was a good one shot ! I really think Crookshanks was Lily's cat from before i mean it would explain a lot i did notice that Crookshanks went after Scabbers after all but, now it makes a lot of sense.
11/17/2016 c1 42The Seven of Us
Obviously, the story is a little meandering-memories tend to do that. I like the effect you created with the passing of time-Crookshanks actually sounds a little older, perhaps a little more cynical. Me, as a cat person, I would have made him a little more possessive, a little more aloof, and definitely a lot more arrogant-because really, /cats/. There are also spelling errors, but no glaring grammar errors. For the overall bettering of the story, I would vary your sentence structures. A lot of times, you have three of a similar sentence structure right smack together and it ends up sounding choppy or long-winded. For example, on the last four sentences of the story:

"Hermione was up in the nursery and he knew from his familiar bond with ther that she was with another little on on the way. Life was good. Soon there would be many little ones to play with-and with that happy thought, Crookshanks shifted and drifted to sleep."

Other than that, I loved the premise of the story! I'd not actually heard of that theory, so thank you for sharing this.

7/21/2016 c1 Fallow53
xxxKudos xxx : )
6/28/2016 c1 happylady
I loved it, even though I knew there was no way for crookshank to them I wish he had tried
Until next time
6/15/2016 c1 Forest Edyne
AWWW! Poor Crookshanks. This was a good little story. Keep writing!
5/13/2016 c1 BMS
Nice story.
I liked seeing things from Crookshanks' point of view.
3/30/2016 c1 3Cloudy225
I have never heard that theory before but the story was very good!
3/30/2016 c1 ksouza3
Oh I love this theory that Crookshanks was the cat the Potter's owned. You did a great job expressing Crookshank's emotions! Thanks for writing!
3/30/2016 c1 1310-phoenix-feathers
This is really interesting. I had never heard the theory before, but it makes sense. I love how you wrote it from Crookshanks' POV, and how you called James Lilly's mate :)
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