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for Young Justice: Shazam

8/6 c35 Haydoge
This feels even worse knowing Hellfire is still on the site often enough.
8/4 c1 Vampireking40
Harry becoming Shazam is cool and all but I would have said when this story was just started to be written to have Harry the 11 yr old boy going to Hogwarts with these magical powers use them to protect Hogwarts. Now that being said it would be hard to go shazam when attacked by a troll yet down in the depth of Hogwarts going Shazam against Voldermort would be easy and of course Shazam could easily take down the Snake. There are those dementors in 3rd year the tournament in 4th yr. Now 5th yr was the yr of the Toad and the Dementors in the summer. Instead of using a patronus against them go shazam to take them out as the ministry would not know what was going on except an extreme magical in the area Harry Potter lives yet with no way to say for sure he did it. If a message was sent for the use of magic then it would have to be verified by the DMLE. Also Shazam could easily take down the Toad and destroy her blood quills. Through this seems to be more set around yrs after Hogwarts and i am going to enjoy reading it.
7/20 c19 Ykomat
Timothy Hunter he’s a kid but can still do magic
6/11 c35 8multyfangirl21
I'm out of chapters to a really good fanfic.
I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
Please get back to this.
6/11 c31 multyfangirl21
I'm very glad to hear that yours going to be doing sequels
6/11 c30 multyfangirl21
Well , looks like Harry's going to encourage magicals to join the hero community.
I wonder if he'll visit some of the other schools?
6/11 c19 multyfangirl21
Finally. I've been looking forward to reading this part.
6/11 c10 multyfangirl21
Huh, so you added Starfire. That's a first for me.
6/11 c7 multyfangirl21
Oh , Hogwarts will not quite know what'll hit them. Sure a few of the exaggerated stories will be proven true.
6/5 c2 multyfangirl21
I like this version of Harry. The wizarding world won't have a clue what hit them if he's forced to go to Hogwarts.
6/4 c35 Lee Nazer
Great story please update
5/23 c35 millerr123
Please please please please please please update this story because it is such a brilliant story and I couldn't stop reading it.
3/29 c16 Jose19
The pairing of Zatanna looks nice but important because the girl is mortal while Harry is not.

Gods can be killed in DC, and there are villains who can wipe out Harry.
3/29 c9 Jose19
The deal of Shazam being untouchable ruins the story all Heroes have a weakness even the Wizard Shazam can be killed the weapon of Wonder Woman can kill Harry with ease.

The Sword that Wonder Woman carries can bypass his defenses, and kill him since it was designed to kill Gods crafted by Hephaestus.
3/20 c1 E'llo
If I remember correctly isn't part of the quintessence? A group made up of 4 super powerful gods? The members I remember are zues, highfather and Shazam, forgot about the last.
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