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9h c57 Dracomigha
I normally don't read Authors Notes unless there is key words that stick out to me and this time there was. You talk about the decline of people interested in Walking Dead. Truth of the matter is I haven't seen a single episode. Didn't even want to see a single episode because I have a minor fear of zombies. Stupid, I know, but it is there.

But I love your stories and decided to try it just to see if I liked it. I LOVE IT. It is something new and I need that as updates on my favorite authors are becoming fewer. So having to look at other stories my tracked authors wrote or look for new authors. Like to have two or three chapters to read a week.

Here I go rambling, back to the original point. Love the story, never seen the show, thought about actually watching said show. Gave that idea up. Not because of the zombie issue but because I'm afraid I'll be disappointed in the series because I'll compare it to your story and I know you have deviated quite a bit from the series. May not have seen the show but I've heard spoilers from those that have, so I know several of the people that are alive in your story are dead in the series. Thus a sucky series against a story I love. Hmm...which one wins.

YOU DO! Hands down. So Good Luck and keep writing. Whether this story or one of your others.
5/7 c110 ErzaScarlett122
I can't wait to see what happens next! Eagerly awaiting the next update
5/2 c110 Guest
Please continue
4/27 c110 Guest
NEED...MORE...CHAPTERS... veteran reader of over 10 years here. This story... its everything i need in a . please more updates its so good ive read it twice in 3 days... please...i need my fix..
4/25 c110 SnyderSue
Oh no oh no oh no no no no no where is the rest?
4/22 c110 mariejackson154
Ok hear me out...I love this book and I think I remembered u asking if anyone wants you to write a Nextbook I'd love that also if you continue this book I will love that too... that is if u want too
4/20 c110 tone death
Aww all these weasley reunions are making me cry
4/17 c110 spyfan
Okay! I am addicted to your story. Please don't abandon it...I need more.
4/15 c1 Fantasyworld414
Please update soon this story is amazing i can't wait to see all the Wesley's meeting again
4/12 c110 Vlad
I love it
4/11 c110 AvidHPfanficredr
I need an update right now. You can’t just leave us crying over Percy and George possibly reuniting! Please update
4/10 c110 CrimsonSurvivor
I love this story
4/4 c110 difficultone92
love it cant wait for more!
4/1 c110 1ChiyoTheChibi
Love this so much that I reread it. Is Ginny dead? Really don't care if she doesn't feature in this fic but I am curious if she did or did not sure lived.
3/31 c110 14Beth9891
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