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6/25 c26 1MythicGR66
Just read all 26 chapters and while some time a chapter will drag on for "me", as it feels you go in far too much detail and mainly focused on the game events with no real changes, I normally just skip over most of that (mainly the combat). You don't need to do all the fights, it is fine to have a small time-skip and give some cliff notes of the enemies killed or any injuries. than focusing on the more interesting interactions between the crew.

Oh, and a possible answer to deal with us NH fan's, you could have Naruto say that Tali'zorah, in his language when written/spoken in a certain way, can mean anyone of the possible translations of the name Hinata (depending on the characters used it can have over a dozen different meanings). And when translate to Human common Hinata, like how his Vulzan name was translated to Naruto. And have it as a pet name when they get together later, for when they are in private. So for the most of the story it's Tali.

Tali is Mass Effects version of Hinata, white eyes, stuttering mainly around her love interest, wanting to prove herself to them, all she was missing was touching her fingers together & fainting around Shepard.
5/21 c26 LockieBoy1819
Also, I'm excited about what happens next in Virmire. I hope Naurto saves Ashley and hope you have both kaidain and Ashley alive in this story. I thought it was crap that we had to choose which character we wanted to save in the game. Keep up the fantastic job mate.
5/4 c26 LockieBoy1819
Mate Fantastic job on this story, I read to chapters 1 to 26 all week, and I got to say mate I'm loving what you're doing with this story great begging and great explaining what happens in every mission chapter and I love how you made Naruto and Shepard as brother and sister Awesome job with that by the way, keep up the great work I'm excited on what happens next I hope you have a fantastic day and stay safe.
4/16 c10 RyuuyaOoguro
you just had to insert more naruto characters. I liked tsunade and jiraiya couple insert, but sasuke, really? is pein next? or better yet, is pein actually the illusive man?
3/24 c7 1Elder Sibling
I am glad you are back. Just take it easy...
The part when the Normandy sneakng around sovereign just creepy i just imagine the whole (human) crews have their hairs on their nape rising.
It would be Cool if Alicia ask Wrex to do what krogan best for possible genophage cure : saving the Galaxy from giant monsters. But since Reapers existence still hasnt yet confirmed it would be moot poitn lol!.

So it come to Virmire huh? I wish in the game there is a Shepard Background when he/she has a sibling... that would make saving Ashley worth a while(for possible dialogues).

Playing as a Spacer Shepard, I feel the people in Mass effect 3 quite egoistic to dump their familly matters to shepard. (Since Hannah is in the Navy its possible she die during Arcturus slaughter). Only Joker and Garrus have morale not to dump their family matters on Shepard...knowing Shepard busy Saving galaxy aside they
are indeed true friends.

Nice update, and pls take care!
3/24 c26 Seiho Byakko
hoooo boy I got a pit in my stomach at the end there I can't wait to see how it plays out. Also is it canonical that Shepard does Vermire before Noveria? I personally dread Vermire so I always did Noveria before it.
3/22 c26 Guest
Might I recommend getting a Discord page and finding a few beta's to help with writing and also it will keep us updated.

3/22 c26 4ben revell
Been a while since this was updated had to reread it to remember everything (because of reading others while waiting for update) have to say still a awesome read I do hope both Naruto and Alice reconnect as siblings, I have to ask do u plan to kill off Kaiden or is Ashley the one to die or will u shock us readers and keep them both alive, and do u plan to do the dlc missions in ME1 before the novera mission or after it before the final mission to stop saren

Will u also be doing ME 2 and 3 after this
3/22 c26 Guest
I always did the Virmire mission last! It is gonna be SO LONG until ME3, where we can see Naruto and Javik meet! (I will cry if I never get to see that happen, see how you write Javik’s interaction with Naruto, and vice-versa!)
3/22 c26 1CautionTreeAhead
Good as always, really feel like I can picture it as I read it.
3/22 c9 Tr1vium
I understand Naruto not getting spectre status as he's not human and all that, but a part of me still wishes he was a spectre too. But that's probably because I favor Naruto more than Alicia or really mass effect in general. while I played the games, Naruto was one of the first animes/mangas I ever watched/read and Mass Effect is just a really good dame series among the many other really good series I've played. not as special to me there. Anyways loving the story so far
3/22 c26 Shadow
Awesome work, loved it!
3/22 c26 8Jebest4781
Great entry with how this happened here. Keep up the good work as usual.
3/22 c26 AnarionRising27
This chapter was great, but i also dreaded it since we have Naruto and his sister at the apex of their fight. I know that she screwed up, and Naruto's anger is justified, but please don't drag it out. at this point, they are adults and should be able to calm down and reach out and get answers they need or have discussion, (please don't have them act like kids and avoid or overthink things). Yes i do understand how hurtful what she said was, but don't let it destroy them. As for the story and prep scenes. awesome, while it has been a while i fell right back into the story.
3/22 c26 Adam Jensen-AugmentedTF29Agent
It would seem like they'll need some help. I can help them.
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