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for Extraordinary Times

10/22 c42 43Babyuknowme13
Excellent chapter, A story. Absolutely phenomenal!
10/9 c42 A Strange Someone
I like the different character perspective. It gives us insights on how other characters think. Good story
9/27 c1 Dasgun
. .
9/5 c42 Fuyuriku
Read the story in one go.
Thank you for the read.
9/4 c32 Dedrick Jones
I want everyone who reads the comments first to get an idea of the story they're trying to scout to read please this story just to get to this omake this story is a gem among gems but this omake

I'm speechless other than me crying for how badly I was laughing
9/4 c32 Dedrick Jones
9/4 c30 Dedrick Jones
YES now the ship shall sail with the passengers that I like
9/4 c24 Dedrick Jones
I am jealous that I can't make my dick glow all you got to do is seduce a female villain get her in bed while you undress


secret laser gun
9/4 c22 Dedrick Jones
but wtf he should have killed her
9/4 c23 Dedrick Jones
i loved that meeting with saberwolf at the end that was hilarious
9/3 c42 Iskallos
Finally got through all this recently, only got around ten chapters in a few years ago and now that I'm done, I can say I enjoyed the journey so far. Gonna suck waiting months for new chapters but what can you do, comes with the territory of fanfiction and webnovels.

I hope you go back into Ruth's little mental block in Bel's head, I figure even if it's useful, it'll hold him back in the long run.
9/2 c33 Iskallos
That's... Kind of a bad ending with Megan. She broke up with him and didn't even do it face to face, waiting a week after he and Laura's names were dragged through the gutter. It shows a lack of respect, even if he doesn't hate her, he deserved a proper apology. Even if she didn't spread any rumors, her friends did and she didn't do anything to stop it after the fact.
9/1 c21 Iskallos
Laura had a vial with her when she was introduced? I went back to try to find it but I got nothing.
9/1 c20 Iskallos
Bel can run several hundred km/h right? Odd that wolf can outpace him so easily, unless he was holding back subconsciously like with his attacks.
8/17 c1 avalanche61101
Been reading your awesome stories for sometime now. Great work. But also noticed your characters start out or become OP and then you nerf them in the middle of the story. I don't like that, it makes me drop the story. But your the writer so it's your choice. You still are awesome for writing so much and getting the language correct(or you have great beta).
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