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11/17 c22 Freedmoon
Oh GOD American, ugh for once i had the hope of actual common sense, metric system, yes, but noooo ofc it has to be in feet, as if anyone could estimate anything using something like feets and inches, which are irregular units until compared to an actuall consistant and far better one that is called the metric system.
Ugh i shudder at the pain of those maths lessons they must have that only overcomplicate simple things
11/11 c44 Fuck Names
Spiderman and Deadpool both in the same chapter? We're getting treated. After finishing Less Than Zero (phenomenal story btw), I've caught up with this in 3 days as well. Been an absolute pleasure, I love Less Than Zero way more but this was really good as well. Your stories are addicting. Thank you for writing. Cya on the next update
11/11 c43 Fuck Names
That was so heartwarming at the end, we need more of Ruthie, I absolutely adore her.
11/10 c44 Sungum
This is one of the greatest marvel-x-men I've ever read. I'm really shocked at how good this is. You should write your own book because this shit sounds amazing for an animated TV show. Just wish Disney weren't such pussies. I hope you continue to write my friend. For it is a waste for such talent to not be used.
11/9 c37 Fuck Names
Finally got together. I'm relatively sure this is the endgame pairing as well.
11/9 c35 Fuck Names
Oh goddamn. But Julian's not that person anymore except that doesn't justify it either.
11/9 c34 Fuck Names
Rest in peace kids. Fuck Jay
11/9 c32 Fuck Names
Fuck relationships, I fucking love this team dynamic to death. Everyone is cool af. I even love Julian now, bro is a homie. We don't need romance when we got homies.
11/9 c31 Fuck Names
He broke up with the sensitive bitch. Niceee
11/9 c30 Fuck Names
Max is so far clear of this loser fr.
11/9 c29 Fuck Names
Him and Laura would be way more entertaining and investing to read than him and Megan.
11/9 c28 Fuck Names
Kinda knew he was his son from the start ngl.
11/9 c27 Fuck Names
Him turning sociopathic or evil would be wayyyyyy more interesting then the current version of him. I don't know why but I've not bonded with Bell at all. I was scared to death for Max in Less Than Zero because I actually loved and cared about him but here? I couldn't care less about Bel or anyone else. Apart from Ruth and Saberwolf, they're cool.
11/8 c18 Fuck Names
My boi got sum
11/8 c16 Fuck Names
Rip Kitty
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