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15h c47 Tenro100
Very enjoyable read
4/12 c1 myafroatemydog
Prerty goid xhap
4/10 c47 2KhemAnialator1000
Nah we definitely reading for the vibe too lol. I was hella excixed when I saw you updated. Had to dust off my Extraordinary Times OST I made on Yt a while back and read along with it to get that immersion factor goin again.

I hoped that Ruth would come into play at some point again. Saying yes to the Phoenix? She definitely got that crap from Bellamy. I’m Definitely looking forward to what’s coming next. Good luck on what you’ve got cooking outside of that too. Cant wait for the next chapter!
4/8 c2 Haurliel
Discard the last review, it was a flashback kinda thing lol.
4/8 c2 Haurliel
Just started reading, and I'm surprised that the only "problem" I've seen is judt a weird sentence. Considering how long the chapters are, I'd say this is good.

"As a demonstration, a blue armor made of some kind of raw energy formed around Hisako. Her body was safely insulated inside with plenty of space between the core where she was and the outside world. That was pretty damn cool. I always thought she had the most useful power out of all of us."
The last sentence just threw me off since I was so focused in reading and him saying "I always thought she had the most useful power out of all of us" when he never even met them before was kinda weird.
4/8 c1 Haurliel
So is his powers inspired by Superman? Y'know the absorbing light thing. Though not only the Sun's light ofc
4/3 c47 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Seems that thread will be coming to a head soon.
4/1 c47 Guest
One thing I don't get is why is Bellamy so self-deprecating and angsty all the time. Like dude has one of the strongest mutant abilities of all time with omega level potential (confirmed by Skip), is the leader of a great team, gets to bang motherfucking X-23...most kids his age would kill to live his life. What exactly is there to complain about?

In Less than Zero it made sense why Max had so much angst. Before he met Selina, his life was pretty shitty: no parents, struggling to get by and pay his bills, having to live in the shithole that is Gotham City, you could easily understand how a kid like Max could become so jaded when he wasn't even out of high school. But Bellamy doesn't really have anything like that. As far as I can tell he grew up with a loving family and lived a completely normal life before finding out he was a mutant. And then after he got his powers, he's successfully completed every single mission he's been sent on. So why is he so insecure?

The quality of your writing is top notch as always, but I just don't understand Bellamy's character sometimes. Maybe he just suffers from Imposter Syndrome? lol
4/1 c3 Sparrow1236
mc is actually retarded
3/30 c47 Groman17
You're genuinely one of my favorite writers ever
3/27 c36 2Grim1298
What would magic do to his powers cause for example if he absorbed the light from a magic fire or torch what would happen
3/27 c28 Grim1298
Nah he should just zoned him after the third time he tried to kill him
3/24 c47 The Shadow Monarch
Bellamy getting the Spider-Man treatment
3/21 c47 Loyal Follower
Especially Since Bellamy Son Skip/Riddick Confirmed That His Father Does Exist In Multiple Alternate
Realities & Dimensions Across the Multiverse
3/23 c47 ZACK2357
Wao, extrañaba esto. Me encanto el capituló, ¡aunque por que siento que esa brasa es más que eso hmm? Capaz es solo mi imaginación. De todas formas, buen capítulo mi hermano, gracias por todo devuelta.
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