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10/7/2017 c6 sue1zide
I didn't expect that. Lol!
10/6/2017 c4 sue1zide
What is a Fellow and an Attending?
10/6/2017 c2 sue1zide
8/22/2017 c41 ChristyWIX
Awwww, that was a very sweet ending. I liked the addition of Michael. Also, since Lily was so much older, it gave the reader peace. Knowing she never got claimed by whomever left her abandoned. Also liked that Bella and Edward seem to still be very active, even with the kids in the house. Love that. I really liked this one. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us here. ~Christy
8/22/2017 c35 ChristyWIX
Ah, enter their new baby. I'm thinking a teen pregnancy and they couldn't keep it. Couldn't let anyone know she had the baby. Simply left it at the church, knowing it would be cared for. Thankfully, my state allows mothers to drop the babies at the hospital, police or firehouse, no questions asked.
8/22/2017 c32 ChristyWIX
I'm glad she's turning him down for sex, since the vasectomy was only three days prior. One should not have sex until two weeks after that surgery. Charlie was fantastic! Loved what Renee said to Edward. That Charlie had been waiting a long time to scare one of her boyfriends. I think he gained some respect from Charlie, when he learned Edward got a vasectomy. Well played BitterHarpy.
8/22/2017 c31 ChristyWIX
That was unexpected. Maybe even a bit strange. I wonder if she will be angry at him for taking that option away from himself? You know my hope is for them to be happy and childfree. However, I think this just paves the way for them to be on equal levels, when it comes to how they will have children.
8/22/2017 c26 ChristyWIX
I guessed correctly, wow. Has she never thought that maybe the man would want to adopt? Yes, they are not their biological children but, if you want them that bad, you can and really should, adopt. This is where in real life, I would've gladly have donated my working parts to any woman that had non-working parts. That is not a real procedure though. Which is sad, because a lot of my friends would've done the very same thing, as none of us wanted them. Thankfully, there are surrogates outs there for some women that at least want it to be partially, or in some cases wholly, theirs. Maybe that is an option for these two?
8/22/2017 c23 ChristyWIX
Okay, my best guess is that Bella can't have children. Something may have happened to her or, genetic. I never wanted children. Thought I'd have a horrific time finding a husband that felt the same way. I was engaged before to a man I did not marry. After two years and him promising me he was fine with me not wanting children, I overheard him talking to his mother about us definitely having children. That he'd just change my mind later. I broke off the engagement and never told him that I overheard him. Just moved on to a MUCH better man. One that would've been a great father but, is the best husband. We've nearly made it out to the other side now successfully. I somehow wonder if Edward may not want children. Some men don't. She only has to tell him, if that is even what holds her back, and she may be surprised to find out that he never wants them. We love our nieces and nephews, borrow them and give them back. Maybe with fourteen nieces and nephews, Edward doesn't want that for himself.
8/22/2017 c9 ChristyWIX
Been lurking through this one and not reviewing, sorry. The way you just ended the will he or won't he leave Lauren bit, was BRILLIANT in this chapter. I had a feeling something was really off with Lauren. Meaning, I had a feeling she wasn't being faithful. I did not expect it to be a woman though. So harsh of her to use Edward that way though. Love this Bella best of all of yours so far. She is wonderful. Snarky, kind, witty. James being king shit in his mind and sporting a five inch schlong . . . pretty funny. He is a really good friend to Edward though. I like him. I love that once again, you've got a really nice Tanya and that she is friendly with Bella. Jasper cracks me up. Enjoying this one.
8/18/2017 c41 Lady Chancellor
Wonderful ! Wonderful story ! I really enjoyed reading your story ! Loved all your characters especially Bella and Edward. Very surprised at the Tanya character. She was so not what Tanya was in any other story I have read. Just loved her snarkiness. Jasper and James were equally as well written as Tanya was. Looking forward to reading more of your work.
8/13/2017 c41 7audiblyausten
What a wonderful story. I loved seeing these two grow into much better versions of themselves, having found each other. Not to mention adoption always makes my heart all mushy. Much love to you and thanks for writing this.
7/25/2017 c41 liatb01
Yet another beautiful story!
7/23/2017 c12 The BEST Sex
Your lemons are great... they make me hard and cum
7/20/2017 c40 Patriciadiane
Love times 100
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