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4/4/2016 c2 6Soulfire72
A nice read, I liked how realistic the situation was following the end of the movie. There wasn't any concrete romantic attraction, but there was just enough at the end to tease at it.
One question I had from the get go was how long it'd been since Zootopia? I would guess quite a few months considering how many suitors Judy's had... unless there are so many that her mother barely needs to look.
I think the best thing about this fic is how in character Judy and Nick were. Judy was to the point and headstrong, and Nick was sarcastic and cool for most of it. So I'd say you did a good job there.
It's hard to criticize anything, really. It's just too short for anything to stand out... though I do wonder why it's not a one shot. It seems to be the perfect length for that.
4/4/2016 c1 4The Beginning of Talent
I love your style and this story is so well written I hope to see more for you. Stay awesome!
4/3/2016 c2 WildehoppsShipp
Pleeeaseeeeee write more Zootopia fics!
4/3/2016 c2 4Mallory Monroe
This was really enjoyable. You've got a great writing style and managed to keep true to the voice of Nick and Judy. The fic switched back and forth between past and present tense, which is my only gripe. A quick edit of this story would make it excellent! Good job!
4/3/2016 c2 chewydog2425
it was wonderful I loved it, come out with thy tail lifted high in dominance because this is the best wildehopps fiction I've read to date
4/3/2016 c2 15LoaTurtle00
Cute story! I saw & liked "Zootopia", too, & it's nice to see more of Nick & Judy. Maybe there will be a sequel or a miniseries (but I'd rather watch Nickelodeon than Disney any day, that's just me).

I can kinda relate to the situation of having close friends (at work, etc), where the platonic relationship is already awesome & you don't wanna compromise that (much less the integrity of the professional workplace relationship), but at the same time you're a little curious to-as Judy said, "give 'us' a try."

And I'm sure Zootopia is in a "blue state", where an interspecies won't be a problem.

And it is interesting seeing you write something that's a break from your usual TMNT (more specifically Apriltello). "We interrupt this Apriltello program to bring you Zootopia!"
4/3/2016 c2 Amethyst
Write more! write more! This was so cute! and they were both so in character! I literally just saw the movie and I am shipping them so much right now! Its true! they are just so freaking cute!
4/3/2016 c2 21Matteoarts
Damn. I mean, I'm conflicted. This story was so good, and so well written... but I'm not sure I want it to continue. I mean, that was one of the most perfect endings to one of these stories... yet I find myself wanting more!

Maybe you should leave this one be, but create a new story for them (continued from this one)? So that this original one is left in its true form?
4/2/2016 c2 LegislativeRights
I enjoyed it a lot, the story getting a tear from me shows that i think you have the potential to make more, good job!
4/2/2016 c2 62starryeyes
more please! this is one of the best I have read
4/2/2016 c2 ChaoticImp
I can honestly say that you made a real solid piece o' work here; loved the way you wrote this story, it was absolutely adorable and I'm a complete sucker for fluffy WildeHopps stories. I really enjoyed your writing style and would love if you'd be willing to write more WildeHopps fics ;)
4/2/2016 c2 7BlackCatNeko999
You should definitely write more. I love the story and the idea behind it. Great work with everything!
4/2/2016 c1 BlackCatNeko999
This is perfect! I'm so going to enjoy the next chapter, I am sure. You wrote everything so good. I love it!
4/2/2016 c2 luli585
honestly, the only thing I don't like about this is that its already over. yeah its a nice stopping point, but if you felt like continuing, I guarantee you no body in their right mind would object. this story was incredibly well done and I could really see it happening
4/2/2016 c2 Frio4686
This was flat out amazing! So sweet and cute! Going up on my favs!
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