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4/13/2016 c2 47Zora Arian
I love it so much, and don't you dare run away! Nick and Judy are just so adorable - never in my life would I imagine myself shipping a fox and bunny together, but their chemistry in the movie is one I'd love to have with my lifemate, or even with a best friend. Anyway, I'm certainly hoping you'll think to write more for this fandom soon! :3
4/13/2016 c2 1lightselixir
This is beautiful and I can't get enough of it!
4/10/2016 c2 BlincGaming
Watched the movie about a week ago and shipped them immediately. This fanfic has to be the best to portray their relationship. I hope you do more in the future!
4/9/2016 c2 3Mirruu
So cute! I love the end!
4/8/2016 c2 35sidboy
Awesome story! I love it! I agree with you! They are the most adorable couple on earth!
4/8/2016 c2 14Berserker88
Nice! This is one of the most unique takes of Nick and Judy I've seen so far. Little weird for a story to be exactly two chapters long, but I guess that's just something else unique.

Good job with that fakeout at the beginning too. You totally had me. :P
4/7/2016 c2 24XIIIth Hazard
AWWW! U that was so cute...
I love it and "NO" you should "NOT" run from fandom, keep writing, I want more, give me more... XD
4/7/2016 c1 XIIIth Hazard
Well that was sad... but I like where this is going... XD
Love your writing...
4/7/2016 c1 zootopianewsnetwork
Your story, Weddings, Lifemates, and Love, has been recommended for a featured spot on ZNN ( ). Are you okay with us posting your story, should it pass our pre-readers?
4/7/2016 c2 XxFIRESTAR44xX
This fanfic is absolutely amazing! I LOVE the story, having Judy be clueless was pure genius, and having them be roommates before becoming a couple is such a wonderful idea that's original. My favorite part though is the way you wrote the characters, you got them perfect, honestly I wouldn't change a thing! It is completely your decision but I implore you to write more of this story, it's the best fanfic I have ever read. You're Awesome! 10/10
4/6/2016 c2 William Salcedo
This story is rated K, RIGHT? It means "for ages 10 and above"! Do you really think that 10-year-olds should learn about drinking alcohol already?
4/6/2016 c2 Guest
Love it
4/6/2016 c2 MlleShadow
I really like this story, it was really cute! I love how Nick has completely accepted his own feelings and not trying to play it off as a joke.
4/6/2016 c2 Bell-1337
That was pretty good.
4/5/2016 c2 1Mayun
OH MY GOD! My Diabetes! Kek! But hey seriously you make good Fluff! You gave justice to their chemistry and I like that! Please do continue writing!
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