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5/15 c17 Guest
I love this story! Are you planning on continuing?
5/14 c17 ShianaKogA
You absolutely must update! It’s amazing ! Please!
5/11 c17 Guest
Literally addicted! Please continue
5/9 c17 Leticia20Paixo
Essa estória está muito boa. Pena que a Hermione não teve outra escolha, ela foi burra em sair sozinha e o Harry atrapalhou tudo o.O

Espero que eles não fiquem a mercê de grayback e os Malfoy aceitem Mione :/
4/8 c17 lucialeoc
1/12 c17 MelynaMalfoy
My God, YOU NEED TO FINISH THIS STORY! I am on my knees, pleading, begging you, to finish this story. You're an amazing writer and this story has me hooked! I finished it in a day! (well, what you've got posted anyway.)
12/14/2023 c17 julieefs
Great story! Loved it, please write more for us?
6/25/2023 c17 kikidorn
Ugh, this story TwT Would love to see it continued. You're my favorite Dramione author.
5/1/2023 c1 Loner89
hi you havent posted in a while but can you please make a sequel for lean on me i really loved your story
3/25/2023 c17 jujp
Awesome story, hope you continue it. I like your Dramione stories where Draco is a werewolf. Thanks for the read, I appreciate it.
1/2/2023 c17 MikaelsonChicka
Will this be continued?
12/28/2022 c17 minimar
it was super exciting hunt :D I was sooo afraid its not going to be finished, but they managed! im definitely following if there’s going to be another chapter but its still definitely worth reading anyway!
10/30/2022 c17 qwertypotato9
I love it! Please update!
10/16/2022 c17 Grovek26
Just caught up. Fantastic story so far.
9/4/2022 c17 Guest
Insanely good
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